America should nuke China and Iran and NK, amirite?

He doesn't believe in evolution. Enough said

Justin Bieber really needs to work on his acceptance speeches. I'm pretty sure we'd all still be here if Michael Jackson didn't exist- and I'm also pretty sure Stratford isn't the "smallest town in the world" Someone get this kid a tutor. amirite?

I happen to live about 20 minutes from Stratford. It's actually not that small..

Whats the opposite of gray? amirite?


You hate when you accidentally divide by zero and then your math homework bursts into flames, ruining all your hard work, amirite?

That also happens when pinocchio says his nose is going to grow

Let me get this straight: the two acts of defiance of the British by the Americans were to drop tea into the Boston Harbour, and to drop the "u" from "Harbour". The Yanks sure have an odd way of rebelling, amirite?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. And very talented. amirite?

he was adorable in 500 days and super sexy in inception

White wine is better than red wine, amirite?

I don't even know/care which one is better. I just want to keep the score at zero

In order to get rid of the "Americans are stupid" stereotype, we need to take the safety warnings off of everything and let the problem solve itself, amirite?

Let natural selection do it's work

When you were little, you thought that water towers were literally giant towers filled with gallons upon gallons of water, and if the hatches were opened, the town would flood, amirite?
you farted when you were little and everyone thought it was hilarious, now if you let one slip people either treat you like your a freakin Gollum from lord of the rings or run for the gas masks, amirite?

I like the Gollum part.

Sometimes it feels like going to school is a selfish act to better ourselves. We spend so much time inside learning, while we could be doing something that helps make the world a better place and makes a difference to someone, amirite?

That's so stupid. Theres not much of a difference you could make in the world when you're lacking in education

Nothing pisses you off more than someone who has to one-up everything, amirite?

it pisses me off MORE!

You hate it when you search a new song up on youtube and the pitch is changed, amirite?
@LAKERSoverHEAT maybe, not complaining and just looking for the video with the right pitch would work, idiot

why dont you try searching the song "all of the lights" by kanye west. Let me know when you find the video with the right pitch, idiot

You'd rather feel pain than nothing at all. Amirite?

its also in the song need you know by lady antebellum

1. Open Twilight book, 2. Find Bella's name, cross it out, insert yours then, 3. Fall in love with the hottest fantasy sparkling vampire ever. amirite?

1. Open Twilight book, 2. Find Bella's name, cross it out, insert yours then, 3. Log off and leave amirite forever