Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?
@Kionix hey does anyone wanna check what's going on on Eros rn?

Hold on, before we do that, imagine the impact a behemoth would have

There isn't any fruit that a human cannot lift, amirite?
It's weird that diamonds lasting 'forever' is a selling point when there are also random ugly rocks that are millions of years old which the vast majority of people don't care about at all. amirite?

I think the forever status is more of a reference to their resistance to wear. A diamond well look exactly the same one is cut but other stones can be written down through simple friction.

Pornhub's community intro is one of the most well known drum intros ever, amirite?

Who came up with it?

Product placement in movies shouldn't really be so jarring in movies/tv. amirite?

Meanwhile.. Quentin Tarantino creating his own brands

Once some thing is broken, it can never be unbroken. amirite?

Something can only be fixed, if it was first broken

Every person has a price tag. For some it's 10k $ and for some it is 1 billion $, but does not change the fact that given right sum of money every person will do anything, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Allright, keep telling yourself whatever makes you sleep at night.

If you really do have a price for something like that, then recommend seeking help.

Hummingbirds fly insanely fast so they can visit more flowers and drink more nectar to give them the energy to fly insanely fast. amirite?

so they're like coke addicts

Raising the next generation is the most significant challenge any generation will ever face. amirite?

After seeing how this generation has turned out, will anyone want to raise another like it ?

Kim Kardashian is older than Britney Spears. amirite?

But with a stitched cunt

Companies are purely motivated by money, yet don't want employees purely motivated by money. amirite?

Because it is the owners of the company who are actually motivated by money. If they never had to give wages to their employees, they probably wouldn't. But it's the law so

Companies are purely motivated by money, yet don't want employees purely motivated by money. amirite?
@kozscabble Like how they claim we're part of the "XYZ Company Family," then not bat an eye when they make the business...

"Congratulations you're hired. Remember, we don't want people who are just here for the money!".

"Sorry we have to let you go. We're a business. We need to make money."

Everything you experience is in your head, amirite?

Gunshot wound to leg?

Your nut tastes better if you eat pineapples. amirite?
We use social media as if it's ours but we belong to it more than it belongs to us. amirite?

Its a code they cracked, but its becoming societies downfall.