The funniest movies are made by smart people writing dumb stuff, but the dumbest movies are made by dumb people trying to write smart stuff, amirite?

A lot of the early writers for the Simpson's were Harvard alum. One was a mathematician and there are a number of little mathematical jokes hidden in the writing.

Weapons are designed to kill/harm people in different ways, amirite?

You don't say... /s

There is a person out there with an exact net worth of $999,999 without that one dollar to make them a millionaire. amirite?
You can only kiss yourself in the mirror on the lips, amirite?

Don't though. It's super weird.

The only aggression society rewards is white male aggression. amirite?
Most people have never had to go to a shoe store barefoot, yet we all had to get our first pair somehow. amirite?
Without changing the functionality of USB ports, we could surely come up with an easier way to plug them in on the first try. amirite?

Usb-c fam

Women only show love to keep what they fear missing from leaving them. amirite?

To put more perspective into this, are you a man?

Chillies' defense mechanism must have looked damn good on paper, they just forgot to take one thing into consideration- humans. amirite?

Huma.s are a flaw in chillies' defence mechanism, but a key part in their strategy to multiply and spread their seeds.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to outrunning death, amirite?

Sad life you got there.

If people were ever babies at one point, then how come we can't remember being babies, amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl What government? It's all a simulation...

Transhumanist lizard people want to keep us complacent

If you buy a bigger bed, you're left with more bed room, amirite?

But have less bedroom....

The concept of money is wild, amirite?

Definitely not imaginary.

Also the concept is really smart. It assigns worth to every task.

The only aggression society rewards is white male aggression. amirite?
Medusa's hair is snakes, so her pubes must be too. Slither IN on command. amirite?

Thanks, I hate it.