Standing with Mitt on PBS...when an entity is capable of being independent and self-sufficient they should try to be. As a group of networks that pride themselves on being educational and informational, what better message exists than that of self-sufficiency in an era that so desperately needs it? Public broadcasting should not have to be forced into being self-sustaining, it should want to be, amirite?

The problem isn't that he wants to cut the funding to PBS, (or at least, that's not why most people are complaining about it,) it's that he thinks that will actually impact the national deficit. The subsidy to PBS is 0.008% of the national deficit- the problem with him saying that is that he doesn't want to cut a lot of things that could actually majorly impact the deficit, (such as defense,) but he wants to get rid of PBS and the Department of Education.

Songs usually have "woah's" and "oo's" during the chorus because the writers can't think of anything else catchy to say, amirite?

This has nothing to do with anything, but Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen, (the two artists listed in the blue circle of your picture,) seems like a really weird combination.

If you look at North America minus Canada, it kinda looks like a bigger version of Mexico, amirite?

Mexico is in North America.

When my friend found out I had perfect vision in one eye but only 20/40 in the other, the first thing she said was, "You should've gotten a monocle!"

The close-minded ignorants angry at Oreos for supporting gay pride can boycott all they want. People like that don't deserve to eat Oreos anyways, amirite?
The close-minded ignorants angry at Oreos for supporting gay pride can boycott all they want. People like that don't deserve to eat Oreos anyways, amirite?

Me: "Fine. Give me all your Oreos."
Random Hater: "NO! Don't take my Oreos! I promise I'll be good!"

Even when your fridge is full, there's still nothing to eat in the house, amirite?

...until my mom buys four bags of frozen vegetable fried rice. (I don't know why, but she always buys them in fours...)

Personally, I'm fine with everyone thinking they're beautiful and being confident. It's just a problem when people don't understand the difference between confident and slutty.

The only thing you really remember about the Alamo is, "Remember the Alamo!", amirite?

...And that it has something to do with the annexation of Texas

Typical yearbook signing: Hey (insert name)! You are the AWESOMEST person ever (I put this down for each person). You made blah blah blah class so much more AWESOME. (I don't think it would have been any different without you though) I will miss you SO MUCH over the summer (not really) H.A.G.S!!! amirite?

If it's one of my close friends, I actuallywrite something that relates to specifically that person. Otherwise, you nailed it!

Even though they technically mean the same thing, "thank you" is so much more formal and sincere than "thanks," amirite?
@Pergenstein Thanks is weird, it comes from giving thanks, but we now say thanks. It's like showing your gratitude by going up...

Interesting. (And in German, gesundheit means "health", so when people sneeze, we're wishing them health. They do the same thing in Spanish. Yay for weird phrases!)

Sometimes if you're really into a book, you don't really even notice when it's a new chapter, amirite?

There have been several occurrences where I have been sitting and reading, and my parents have had to yell my name several times bfore I remember reality exists.

Everyone should have a personal photographer that takes pictures of them every second. amirite?

ugh, no. I'd look horrible. Now, if these photographers could take pictures that would make me look amazing, that would be a different story...

Most fashion today looks like it was designed by a blind person, amirite?

This is why I wear old hand-me-downs (& I hate shopping...)

After reading all my posts you realized how smart I was and you want to come start a new country where I am ruler, amirite?

...have you SEEN your username?