When Hermione punched Draco it was because of sexual tension, amirite?

It was because he was a cocky douche and deserved to be punched.

Effie Trinket reminds you of Rita Skeeter, amirite?

She reminded me more of Umbridge, because she was doing all these horrible things by sending twelve kids off to their deaths every year, and yet she was always giggly and super happy.

Finding out your favorite book is being made into a movie can make your day. Finding out who plays the main character can ruin it. amirite?

and then when you actually see the movie, you cry because Hollywood doesn't know how to read.

Sometimes soda can be as addicting as a drug, amirite?

...Caffeine is scientifically proven to be more addictive than weed.

It's weird how people start out equal in childhood, then slowly split and form into groups of specific cliques. In high school the cliques become nearly enemies against one another, like separate species, and by adulthood split into just about two groups: successful and unsuccessful. And as they grow old, they go back to their equal selves, just now they are all equal elderly instead of equal children, amirite?

...I think you went to high school where people who make TV shows went to school.

What if we all just dreamt we saw Inception, amirite?

How many layers would that dream have?

You prefer to shower in the morning than any other time of the day, amirite?
@TicTacAddict I care more about my hygiene than whether I'm wasting water.

And you're hygeine will be perfectly fine if you just shower once a day.

Most people don't even vote for presidents. They vote for things like American Idol -_-... I think they should just name those presidency elections to something catchy like "Who's gonna run this Bitch".. amirite?

It's annoying when people vote for someone just because they like the way they look or something without even bothering to learn about their views on the issues. Even though I'm not old enough to vote, I like to learn about the candidates views on all the issues that are important to me.

I lost my mood ring. I don't know how I feel about this... amirite?

I used to have a mood ring. Then I ran it under cold water to see if it would still work. It didn't.

We all have a show that we love watching but would never confess to it, like Hannah Montana amirite?

Pretty Little Liars is my dirty little secret...

When you hear "Nickelodeon" you think of the children's network, not what it originally meant: a jukebox, amirite?


Trick-or-treating is made so much better by the guy who gives out king size everything, amirite?

Or even regular size. Who do they think they're kidding with these "fun-size" candy bars being really tiny?

It would suck to be a Pokémon with claustrophobia, amirite?

...unless there's an undetectable extension charm on the ball.

At this rate, Harry and Ginny Potter's fourth kid is going to be named Dobby Hedwig, amirite?

Lily Luna wasn't that bad.. but the other ones were.

apple is probably secretly making viruses for pc's, amirite?

I've always thought those "protect your computer from viruses" websites, (ie mycleanpc.com,) would be the PERFECT way to spread a virus...