About me.

Brandi Jo: Yeah that's my name, not yours! I was born on the lovely day of June 23rd, along with my twin sister Nikki. I'm a friend of few, and an enemy of many. I cry over silly things, and laugh at things even more foolish. I'm nowhere near perfect, so do us all a favor and don't point out my flaws. You can label me any way you want to, but I know the real truth. In the end, everyone ends up being the one person they swore they'd never be. I don't go out and do the things that most kids my age do, and that's not because I can't. I don't do it because I see a future for myself, and I'm not letting it go over stupid decisions. I wish on 11:11 and still cross my fingers for good luck. I yell at the television and video games even though I know it won't change a thing. I make decisions without always thinking them through clearly, and akward situations happen to me very frequently. Asking me to function without music would be like asking the sun not to shine. I always overthink, I sometimes get carried away, and on occasion I snap. You'll have to forgive me if I say anything to offend you at any time, because thats the last thing I want. I find it hard to explain myself through pixilated words, so if I didn't provide you with what you wanted to know, ask away.