You always had your favorite Pokemon in the group that was always a higher level than the rest. Amirite?
@jimisaint Mother fucking blastoise and totodile!

BLASTOISE ALL THE WAY! I still have the blue cartridge and a working Gameboy to play it on :D

Over 601 billion people have lived on this earth, if there is an afterlife, it must be pretty damn crowded, amirite?
@middleseis Thats why there is reincarnation!! Haha

If we're humans, does that mean we've reached the max level or close to it and we just can't remember our past lives?

If an irresistable force met an immovable object, the force would simply be transmitted through the object, similar to what happens in a Newton's cradle. The problem comes when the object was in a vacuum with nothing to transmit the force to, amirite?

I feel like this post was just an opportunity to scream out to the Amirite community "HEY! Hey everyone! Look how smart I am!"

Either that or I'm just being a dick, maybe both.

It's funny how people use "we went to the moon" and "we can build technology and use weapons to kill" for how all people are better than all other animals as if we all could. A more accurate depiction of the human race is that we get pissed off at building a bookshelf cuz the instructions don't make any goddamn sense and looking at technology like the hell? Most of us couldn't build a trap or accurately use a gun, assuming we even had the materials to do either in the first place, amirite?

That's not funny. We as a species DID go to the moon. Cats sure didn't, neither did llamas. We are smarter as a species.

Post secondary education is ridiculously overpriced for being necessary for success in life, amirite?
@silvershadow6 It's not necessary for success though.

So many people have been successful (in terms of materialistic wealth) without "necessary" education.

There is so much more to the world than the average eye can see. amirite?

Like transformers, right?

@What do you mean hardcore?

There's an english teacher at my school who is this type. She went off at a kid for offering her some help carrying books - mind you, she was 5 months pregnant and struggling to open a door with like 15 moderately thick books.

People who think vagina jokes aren't funny are just ovary acting. amirite?

I've got a funny joke about my penis... never mind, it's too long.

inb4 "I've got a joke about vagina's... never mind, you'll never get it."

it doesnt count as sex if its with the same gender, amirite?
It's annoying when the X button of an ad is so small that you accidentally click the ad. amirite?

This always happens on links to porn sites, then I accidentally download some porn, then I accidentally initiate fapping sequence 101.

But all totally by accident.

Christians: Sometimes when you want to have a hot beverage but you're not sure what to make, you stand back for a moment and ponder, "What would Jesus brew?", amirite?
If you were given the option to drop everything and colonize a foreign planet, you would do it, amirite?
@Sex_With_A_Snail Nope, Earth is fine at the moment. Once things get too hot then I'll leave.

yer but hur dur, thier is leik hungry africen childrem and center east war .. HUMEN ARE THE WURST!

Goddammit... Complaining about the world wont do much to 'fix' it (assuming it is in a broken state to begin with).

It's kind of sad when you have a notification that someone favorited your post but then when you go onto that post they removed it from their favorites. It also makes you feel bad when you favorite a post but didn't mean to then have to remove that favorite and disappoint someone, amirite?
You hate it when people post: like if __ or else __, or when there is a picture that says "This picture is 'cursed' share and or like or you will __" amirite?

"Like if you love God, ignore for Satan". What? No. I'm atheist....FUCK WHAT DO I DO?

You wonder what you would be doing, right now, if the internet didn't exist. amirite?