You either don't care about the NBA Finals or want the Heat to lose, amirite?

Who is the moron who voted this to homepage two months after it stopped being relevant?

In order to save the world, we should all go on MLIA and vote no on all new submissions, amirite?

How about we DDoS the shit out of them and just take down the site.

No matter whether the most recent technology is telegraph or the internet, we tend to believe the latest innovation in communication is also the final one - amirite?

Anybody here seriously believe that the Internet will be the last innovation in technology? Why is this post positive? un smilie

Lasagna is better than spaghetti, amirite?

Spaghetti sounds better in an Italian accent. "My brother a-Luigi ate some-a spaghetti with the Pope-a!"

Harry Potter pick-up lines are the best kind, amirite?

Hey. I read Harry Potter. (every unattractive girl in the room jumps on my dick)

Jesus saves at Banco de México, amirite?
If infomercials were true, you could practically rule the world with a blender, amirite?

You would also die after 3 hours of using that "OTHER blender brand."

Neopets totally killed their website. The pet conversions, mass marketing, and intense censorship on the boards... amirite?

Proud to say I have no idea what you're talking about.

Seeing the ratings on some amirites influences whether you want to read them or not, amirite?


Whenever someone posts a link on this site, you're scared to click on it because it might be a link to porn . amirite?

Whenever someone posts a link on this site, I'm excited because it might be porn.

You wonder how Anthony came up with his username, amirite?

He and I had a week-long brainstorming session in his basement. After hundreds of hours of strenuous thinking, we both came up with our brilliant usernames. We also had sex 63 times.

If you haven't changed out of whatever you slept in by 2pm you're most likely not doing much that day, amirite?

If you still haven't changed out of whatever you were wearing last Monday, you're most likely not doing anything with your life.

Most/all religions follow the same guidelines: Be nice to others, keep honor, be holy, live a good life, do not sin, and you will be blessed. There’s no point in fighting with each other over religion when we’re all basically following the same belief, amirite?

1. the doctrine or belief that there is no god.
2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

Atheism is not and has never claimed to be a moral guideline.

Casey Anthony WAS a milf, amirite?

It's the saggy vagina that matters, not the children.

OK isn't just a stick person, it's a stick person who fell over. But he's going to be OK, amirite?

Look! It's a one-legged winking guy with huge balls and a helmet headbutting a happy transgendered Squidward with crazy-ass arms and a confused stomach on her period who is also wearing a helmet!