Just remember, every day is a gift from God. Well except for Monday...Satan slips that one in. He's a sneaky bastard. amirite?
@Montana i love this person


Women's masturbation should be called 'Jilling Off', amirite?
The worst reply to "Mon père est mort" during a French speaking exam is "Bien", amirite?
We can always find something that resemble a penis but it is rare to find something that resembles a vagina. amirite?

Justin Bieber looks like a pretty big pussy to me...

kids 11 and under: you think elementary schools bad? WAIT til you get to middle school..THATS HELL, amirite?

lolololololololol oh god i can't breathe

Christianity is obviously the best cure for gayness. Just get on your knees, drink a little wine, and accept the body of another man into your mouth, amirite?
@Take2 And also I just saw Colbert and you copied this from him.

No, I simply borrowed it from him. He and I have an exclusive licensing agreement that allows me to use his jokes until over 9000s POTDs are achieved.

A birthday is when people set your dessert on fire and stand around laughing and smiling while you desperately try to blow it out, amirite?
@FrankOcean What kind of birthday is that?!

A man's birthday, you fucking wuss.

You go to school for 13 years, you go to college, and you work until you die. What kind of world is this, amirite?

"I order the food, you cook the food. We do that for 40 years, and then we die. That seems like a good deal to me, what do you say?"

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You hate it when your girlfriend asks you to hold her handbag, and it doesn't match what you're wearing, amirite?

My God what have you done... that recipe was more coveted than a KFC recipe in Alabama, and now it's for the whole world to see. What have you done...

You could comment something as random and unrelated as "herpes lawyer" as the first comment on the POTD and you still would get a +28 comment rating, amirite?
Sanchez is a cooler last name than Harrison, amirite?

My suicide note will be a print-out of this page.

You could comment something as random and unrelated as "herpes lawyer" as the first comment on the POTD and you still would get a +28 comment rating, amirite?
If fish ever go extinct then getting dumped is gonna be so very much worse. amirite?

It will still feel empty without Eminem, however.

It's sweet/romantic when two people lose their virginities to each other, amirite?
@PurpleKneeSox Not always, it doesn't, but in context, this verse and the others are talking about sexual purity. That verse...

If you're going to take the Bible literally, then you might as well get some slaves, sacrifice some goats, and send a mother bear to kill 42 innocent children. If these horrendously-out-of-date verses don't apply today, then why should the ones you listed?

Jesus chose the Twelve Apostles because they were the most gullible people he could find, amirite?

"hey just leave your fishing company that you built up your whole life and your dying father and come follow me around."