Anne Frank was the most inspiring Muslim story you've ever heard, amirite?
@Grilled_Cheesus Well, Romeo and Juliet was ok, but it all went down-hill when Mufasa died.

Dude fucking spoiler alert! I'm only to the part where Tarzan is eaten by centipedes.

If health and safety got its way, TV remotes would come with a warning telling you not to shove them up your bum, amirite?

What else are you supposed to do when your mom cancels your WoW subscription?

It's annoying when a song is released featuring someone else, and the featured singer just sings faintly in the background, or just one line in the entire song, amirite?

Or the opposite when it's Timbaland feat. One Republic, and Timbaland just says "yeah" in the background.

It was better when the first ad on the homepage was directly after the POTD, instead of after that and the two newest posts. When it was there, being above it seemed unattainable and godly. Anthony should change it back, amirite?
@Katffro What ad? You mean the one people without AdBlock see? ;)

You mean the assholes that don't generate income for the site?

People of Abrahamic religions: sometimes, it's not just the thought of hell that scares you, but the thought of heaven as well, amirite?

If there is a heaven, I don't want to go. I'd rather burn in hell than worship the God of the Bible forever and ever.

WAR! What is it good for? . . . . . . . It gave you the freedom to ask that question! amirite?

Our imperialistic invasions of Muslim countries is NOT in defense of our "rights."

You hate when you're trying to say something serious but it rhymes without you even trying, and now you just look like a poetic hipster who feels like crying, amirite?
The scariest part of 2girls1cup is that it's a trailer for a full-length porn film, amirite?
@Big_Boss theres MORE to that???!!??? INCONCIEVABLE

Is that a pun on the fact that they're lesbians?

When your typing your password, you tend to spell the letters out in your head, amirite?
Schrodinger's cat is dead, amirite?
@TIDDLYWINKS this doesn't deserve to be POTD.

This post signifies everything amirite is about. It's a great POTD.

Hey government you told us "If we've got nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about" when you passed the Patriot Act. You can eavesdrop into my calls, check my email, grope me at the airport, see me naked, and search me without a warrant... so why are you so anal about Wikileaks allowing us to breach YOUR privacy back? amirite?

Think of it as the difference between a child hiding information from a parent and a parent hiding information from their child.

Love is like two people holding a rubber band. They pull, then when one person let's go, it's the person who held on that gets hurt, amirite?
You would rather date a chubby but nice girl than a skinny but bitchy girl, amirite?
@chocolatecakeisbad I'm not talking just about fat people. I'm talking about nice, average girls. Its because of people like you that...

I'm not even talking about normal chicks. I only judge fat chicks because they deserve it. And I have a certain amount of respect for myself that I would never let myself get to that, and I sure as hell won't associate myself with people that do.

Younger and younger kids are taking drugs nowadays. Pretty soon we're gonna have "Bendy Crack Pipez", amirite?
@fuckoffwhore i like the z on pipez. gave it pizzaz

I was trying to figure out why you were talking about pizza for about 5 minutes before i figured out.

There's two types of people on Amirite: the smart people with a sense of humor, and the women, amirite?

It's funny because it's true.