Boo burgers is better than Burger King. Amirite?

BK joint is dirty, smelly and for beggars walk in begging!

why is it that whenever you are out somewhere you think of coming back home, but when you are at home you are bored and can't wait to get out of the house? amirite?

My views, the reason is the mind is always where the body isn't. If you're at home mind will be at work, at work lyou wonder when lunch time is coming around and after lunch? "Oh, is it home time already??"

At least one disturbing event happened in your life and you're gonna share it with us! Amirite?

cyc smilie Oh come on, son! U kno u want to

If you were given a book with the story of your life, would you read the end?

No so I can easily prevent to change its ending. If I knew, being a human being, I'd change it! Wouldn't wanna do that for all sorts of reasons.

The Queen is 93... "Only 7 more years or less... Only 7 more years or less" amirite?
@ThePrinceofWales Her mother lived past 100.

Living? Who said anything about living?? I sure didn't! Awww son.

The Queen is 93... "Only 7 more years or less... Only 7 more years or less" amirite?
Secretly, you go through Madeleine McCann jokes and find them amusing, amirite?

As will b many of me posts on this site from here on in. Beware!

Secretly, you go through Madeleine McCann jokes and find them amusing, amirite?
It's all about money, amirite?

Awww I like you already. Although everyone knows money isn't source o happiness but society still aims for money. From aged 13 -15 onwards.

Also interesting you mention "Happy" before I did. Indirect psychological factor!

It's all about money, amirite?

Lady, say no all you love i'll give an example. Let's just say Science teaching job pays £14,500 p/a. A prestigious job, good career, SAME start time and holidays off (usually same time students off) but! All that teacher will b paid is 14.5K p/a (after tax).

NOW! Imagine a family sat in Sunday lunch, their kids n cousins, highly educated, are all present and one kid (or aged 21) announces... "Am gonna be a science teacher for secondary school." YOU any idea what will happen?? The other bro, sis n cousins will try and talk him out of it! Indirectly of course, "You sure? I heard it a lot o hard work..." Blah blah. Why talk him out of it?? BECAUSE THE PAY IS £14,500 P/A!

The truth is, people aim for degree for a better paid job, not a better job.

The creator of the 40 hour work week obviously had no girlfriend or social life. amirite?

40 hours? Try 80-100 hours p/w, babe.

Do guys only like the appearance of a girl or do they care about more too? It seems most guys love the looks more than anything else, what does that say about them?

Although 20 dislikes YOU speak the truth! It says that guys could b doing it to look good in front o society.

When I was wife hunting in Punjab (married now)! Me Uncle took me t see this girl, right? But he kept saying afterwards"She ain't good looking" all this n that. Dad agreed. Of course eas my choice end o day. I ain't gonna lie, she had an extremely sweet voice. I could tell she spent a lot o time at Gurudwara (Sikh temple) and did prayers. Nobody even told me (after my Uncle did) but let me tell yah, a Holy person, a sweet melodious voice will give ot away. Am married now but judging sum1 on their appearance???

Those folks in the other country, driving on the wrong side of the road! Amirite?
You didn't know what an aglet was until you saw that Phineas and Ferb episode, amirite?

Aww so many disagree but I learned it off Ph&F. Aaah I remember being 20-21. Was still with parents and would watch it. That shows nostalgia!

A push up is not a standard unit, it's something that resists every person unequally... amirite?

Although at start people will do wrong push ups and they kno right technique,it's important to just do them each week in sets. A month later technique will improve, along with strength and stamina.