What is the best diet for weight loss and keeping it off?

Light steamed vegetables with your regular food. AVOID oil and fizz drinks at all costs! Eat 3 meals per day only.

When you count your blessings, name a blessing you count.

0-0 The honours of seeing FurryAnimal after Relatetothat? FACKING BLESSING! Where rest of crew? Penny, Valentines? N all... How u been?

The Queen is 93... "Only 7 more years or less... Only 7 more years or less" amirite?
Maroon 5 and the NFL deserve the hate they got because of Super Bowl LIII, amirite?

Maybe Maroon didn't wanna let the fans down? Wait! If all them fans really cared would've they gone in 1st place? About the controversy?

The Queen is 93... "Only 7 more years or less... Only 7 more years or less" amirite?
@ThePrinceofWales Her mother lived past 100.

Living? Who said anything about living?? I sure didn't! Awww son.

If Prohibition was reinstated, we would fare well.

See, it's not about prohibiting anything. It about how much of any service one's using.

At work, beautiful sunshine.
Holidays, raining and pouring. Amirite?
What will folk be nostalgic for in forty years time?

Whattsapp, WWE Attitude era.

What's the worst part about being an adult?


Those folks in the other country, driving on the wrong side of the road! Amirite?
The biggest evolutionary factor in humans today is money, amirite?

Tch! Look at these people not agreeing when they agree in real life. Put it this way, if Teacher's salary came down to £14,000 p/a (UK), YER NOT gonna wanna b a teacher for sh1t! With your degree. The job will seem standard.

The creator of the 40 hour work week obviously had no girlfriend or social life. amirite?

40 hours? Try 80-100 hours p/w, babe.

You didn't know what an aglet was until you saw that Phineas and Ferb episode, amirite?

Aww so many disagree but I learned it off Ph&F. Aaah I remember being 20-21. Was still with parents and would watch it. That shows nostalgia!

If you were given a book with the story of your life, would you read the end?

No so I can easily prevent to change its ending. If I knew, being a human being, I'd change it! Wouldn't wanna do that for all sorts of reasons.

Write a sad story in four words.

No food was present :(