In chess, the king never actually dies, amirite?

Maybe in your sissypants FIDE rules.

In my games we always end by eating the rich.

Being inside of a blanket is kinda similar to being born. amirite?
@opensofias Oh true..its just without the stress of birth then lol.

try being 5, existential dread will give you that stress and more

Colored salt would make it a lot easier to see how much you're adding to food. amirite?

Big facts

Fewer and fewer people witness the Milky Way in their lifetime. amirite?

Even though I love astronomy, I never saw the Milky Way until I was about 16 due to light pollution,

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

Seems like they just randomly generate doors and destroy the ones that don't work well for generating fear.

Birds observe us from above, and sometimes from inside our own homes as pets. Once they learn enough, they will turn back into dinosaurs and take over. amirite?

Birds aren't real, but they are observing us…

Welding is the science of gluing metal to metal using metal, amirite?
@miraclerandy Maybe if you use bone as glue

That's not that far off. They actually use bone marrow to "glue" or fill in gaps of a complicated fracture.

At some point, someone's foot was exactly one foot long. amirite?

Ah Jaque Le Foote. He wanted to go by metric standards in France but he couldn't measure up.

So he left his homeland to seek out a cobbler that could adorn his odd feet with the proper shoes.

Well the cobbler said after he was done. I have created quite the feat for Mr. Le Foote....hence the name was born by the odd size of that dude's feet.

Every number between 0 and infinity are imaginary, amirite?

The limit does not exist

We will never be able to know the exact reason for our existence and the existence of the universe. amirite?
Most maths questions have an answer with the probability of 1/∞, amirite?
Kids and marriage should be talked about before dating or on a first date, amirite?

No, that is a red flag if someone wants to discuss the distant future on a first date or before.

One day the world will be covered in graveyards unless cremation becomes mandatory, amirite?

The metal sheds have started to melt in some crematoriums because they're in constant use. Second wave 🌊

Most people don't know what breast milk tastes like but everyone has tasted it, amirite?
@MetalDevil Not everyone.

I was gonna say, i think it's pretty close to 50/50 on breast feeding these days.

just because you weren't ask to be born, it doesn't mean you can be rude or ungrateful to your parents. amirite?

You never met my dysfunctional, abusive parents.

I owe nothing to them.