Mother Teresa is most people's go-to person for an example of human kindness while Hitler still reigns supreme as the evilest person, amirite?
@Anonymousmouse Stalin kills 22 million, yet people still praise communism, mao tse tung kills even more, people still praise...

Perhaps. If Putin ignites WW3, killing 100's of millions, then he would deserve the crown as worst of the worst?

What happened to the other post like this? Did you forget to cross a t or dot an i??

hehe smilie

Rocky Balboa was an amazing character, amirite?

Indeed he was. And so were most of the other characters in his rich life.

most people cannot write good stories without using ideas they've heard before, amirite?

If the old saw "there's nothing new under the sun" is true then I'd say the chance any story is 100% new is nil.

@dru18 Didn't you read my thank- you above?

Um... yesss but it reads well as either irony/sarcasm or as a genuine love note. You are good!

You're walking alone along a path in the woods, no one around as far as your eyes can see and ears can hear. You trip over a package containing $100,000 so you report this discovery to the authorities, amirite?
@Would feel too guilty & hand it in

I'm with you - plus I don't want to get killed: ever see the movie No Country for Old Men?

Finding something important you can't find and are desperately looking for is such a relief, you not only find it, you find yourself again, amirite?

Losing something insignificant I can't lose is upsetting.

no one has ever complained about a tit pic, amirite?

Even if someone did I wouldn't listen which still makes the opinion true.

You say 10 to 4 instead of 10 of 4 when it's 10 minutes to go before it's 4 o'clock, amirite?
@beachbum Most likely a regional way of saying that. I've just always said that and so does every one else I know. I live...

Ha! I'm from Canada and I've said "fixing" in that context, too. I guess I picked up that and other expressions from the TV. For example I often say "Oh, nice" (which means "What a revolting development this has turned out to be" as Chester Riley used to say) from a British TV show called Keeping Up Appearances.

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Getting smacked with a 2x4 board hurts but it beats getting hit by a 4x4 truck, amirite?
if so many people drive down the road without knowing their blinkers are on maybe they need to put the arrows on the dash board in a noticeable spot, amirite?

Or make the blinka blinka sound more like !BLINKA BLINKA!

Saying the wrong thing to a loved one can sometimes be worse than doing the wrong thing to a loved one, amirite?
@Cedardoor Axens peek lowda dan woods ah tink..

Yup. That's why the word sometimes was used.

You have recently moved, amirite?
@Ada Moved house last year love. 乂ᵒ◡ᵒ乂

I know. Congratulations :)

Now move your ass and cut the damn grass!

Birthday cake frosting is too sweet, amirite?

Not to mention sometimes covered in spit spray.