You wish there was a way to be able to stare for a long time at someone really hot without them thinking you're a creep. amirite?
Thousands of years from now people are going to find an "American Calender" and think the world is going to end on December 31st, amirite?

Calendar, not Calender.

In German it's Kalender is cool but they should make a site like that for other ethnicities. Like and they could post stuff like "I don't know who my baby's daddy is"; or "I lost a penny"; and "I got an A-", amirite?

I got a B... that's even worse.


It's embarrassing when people write their smileys like this: ":-) :-/ :'-(" ...Smileys stopped having noses about a decade ago, amirite?

they got plastic surgery

You love it when you drive through the city really late at night or really early in the morning and the streets are deserted, amirite?

It's kind of fun, like you have the city all to yourself, but then it gets a little creepy.

When you're dreaming, you don't question things like "where did I get this chinchilla?" or "why am I eating branches", amirite?

I had an out of body experience once...
My dreams are really weird
once i dreamed Mickey Mouse was chasing me through a house full of cardboard boxes and weird Harry Potter staircases.

You've lied to your dentist before, amirite?

"Oh, so where do you go to school?"

It's depressing that the cancer clinic in my town is right next to a funeral home, amirite?

there's a vet clinic right next to a pet cemetery near my house....

People with touch screens: you have used a different part of your body like nose or tongue to write at least once,amirite?

My body does not come with a touch screen. Maybe the rest of you have superhuman powers, but I don't.

It would be awesome to look up at the night sky without any light pollution to block the view of the stars, amirite?

hello smilie

And then you see Slenderman and you scream.

whoever came up with the idea of dracula is an idiot... i mean why the fuck does he transforms into a bat??? bats has nothing to do with vampires!...he should have transformed into a fucking mosquito, amirite?

Ummmm... you should change your name from A_einstein to an_idiot

Your Halloween costume is a character from Twilight, amirite? (btw, I can't wait for Breaking Dawn part 1 :) amirite?

Yeah I'm going as Edward. My costume's going to be really easy though... I'm just going to roll around in glue and ask my little sister to dump glitter on me.

You know you are screwed when Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) is not responding, amirite?
How weird would it be to have another way to measure time? For example, something based on tens called chronos, with 100 chronos in a day, each broken into 100 mikros. Imagine the confusion: "What time is it over there?" "Fifty sixty-nine." "...what?" "Oh, sorry, I'm using chronos, not hours. It's 12:10." amirite?

okay i come back 5 minutes later and you guys are already having a debate

You wish your eyes could take photos. amirite?

Yay! So like I could take a picture of something that lasted only a moment, instead of running for the camera and then missing the whole thing.