One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?

one day you were exactly halfway through your life and you didn't realize it

If firearms or firepower in general had never been invented, we would have anti-sword campaigns instead, amirite?
@KitKatery If rocks hadn't been discovered, we'd have anti-punching campaigns

If punching hadn't been discovered, we'd have anti-pointing campaigns.

You don't realize how much urine gets on your pants until you pee in shorts. amirite?
If you met an exact clone of yourself in a symmetrical room, you wouldn't be able to have a normal conversation because of your clone thinking exact the same thing, thus wanting to talk at the same moment every time, amirite?

It's called a mirror.

There is no blinking in anime and cartoons. Just wincing, winking, etc. But no actual blinking. amirite?

Just looked up the definition for "blinking" can't say I've ever done such an outlandish thing. Almost as stupid as "breathing".

Maybe owls eyes are so big because they're actually cameras for the CIA to spy on us, amirite?

The birds work for the bourgeoisie

You need to breathe to live, but with every breath you take, you're one breath closer to death. amirite?

hyperventilates suicidally

If everyone in the world gave you one dollar every year, it would still take around 14 years to reach Jeff Bezos networth, amirite?

Officially, you must let your hand know, It's a state law.

As technology advances, so does the chance of a detective yelling enhance and zooming on a person's eye to check the license plate of their car. amirite?
Puberty starts at age 6, amirite?

Do we call the police yet or do we wait until it's too late?

If someone died in their Halloween costume unexpectedly their ghost would have to be whatever monster they wear for Halloween, amirite?

Imma die dressed as the sole heir to heir to Jeff be is' fortune

It's quite likely the first human to live forever or the last human to exist has already been born. amirite?

Could be the same person.

There's gotta be at least one dyslexic zombie who is looking for Brian. amirite?
The entire game of hot potato relies on the premise that everyone is inside of an oven that is turned on. amirite?

What? No it doesn't; your passing around a hot potato.

The mental gymnastics you must have pulled would be amazing.