Strongly opinionated people rarely go unnoticed, amirite?

Hmm? What? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't notice you there.....

Smoke in the air behaves like ink in water. amirite?

Did you just burn one?...Yeah, you just burnt one!

You can be good friends with someone with a different political ideology. amirite?

I don't know, you tell me.....I'd like to think so.

If you put a pepper on a bell, it becomes a bell pepper. amirite?

...and if an idiot sits on the bell, it's a dumb-bell. Fat person sitting on it....cow bell. If you fiddle with it, is it a tinker bell?

Animals should have at least animal welfare, amirite?

My animals already live on welfare. They don't work, they sleep when they want, where they want, and eat when they want, and I still have to clean up their shit. And they never do the dishes either. What a life!

Mushrooms don't go bad they just grow more mushrooms and get bigger, amirite?

They die. That's all. They just die.

Here's my theory on what's going on in the US right now with Trump and his opposition. What do you think, Amirite?
We barely notice the difference between black or white text, they read the same. But If the text was another color like blue or purple we notice instantly, amirite?

...and colored text are know as high-lights. They HIGH-LIGHT!

It's annoying when pro-life people try to make pro-choice people feel bad by saying "you're lucky your parents were pro-life". Your parents decided to have you because that was their choice. People forget that choice is a two way street which can also lead women to choosing to keep the baby, amirite?
Trump won the Presidency because the people had the freedom to share thoughts and opinions amongst social media platforms that over shadowed the strong, obvious bias of the controlled main stream media. Because of this, Facebook has stopped polls, and silenced opinions through shadow bans through the guise of "hate speech". Hate speech is classified as anything that goes against the narrative the controllers push and influence people like dumb sheep. Google, YouTube and Facebook are colluding against the people of the USA in unfair and unethical ways. amirite?
oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, in that order, are very basic, yet complicated. Take water for example which use all 3. add an oxygen atom and it becomes hydrogen peroxide. add a carbon atom and it becomes formaldehyde; two of them and a barium atom and it becomes Ba 2. 6 carbon atoms, 10 hydrogen and 5 oxygen and it becomes sugar. amirite?

What I find odd is that hydrogen is flammable, oxygen promotes burning, so why when you put them together, they put out fire?

You wanna kill people that laugh at you when your being serious. amirite?

Meh, laugh, don't laugh, either way.

No authority can be just, amirite?

Then who would we follow?

When you have a pet, you're giving an animal Stockholm's Syndrome. amirite?
Teepeeing someone's house is a gift. amirite?

Wish someone would t.p. my house, getting low...