If God created the world in 7 days, along with all the plants, animals, and people, then how did dinosaurs die billions of years before Adam and Eve came? amirite?

I'm just glad this was homepaged, I don't care that a lot of people posted bogus comments on here.

You wish you were lucky enough to find your identical hand twin, amirite?

Friends fan? I love friends but i havent seen that one in a while when they go to Vegas. its in season six right?

If you dont know who Anthony is you are not a real amiriter, amirite?
@This site is great because of Anthony. You should at least know who he is. Especially since he actively...

This site is great because of him? More like the site is here because of Anthony.

if god isn't real, then how do leaves stay on trees even though there is gravity. Wouldn't gravity make the leaves fall off the trees? amirite?

How does this have anything to do with god

It's amazing how Gunther from Friends stuck around for all ten seasons even though he was kind of just an extra, amirite?

not really he also kind of created the show too

They need to make glasses that act like braces and fix your eyesight over time, amirite?

that would hurt

You wish you were lucky enough to find your identical hand twin, amirite?

just watched the episode like an hour ago

Right now, all across the world, people are partying, falling in love, and making the most of life. Me? I'm playing Tetris, amirite?

no no ways yet!!!!

Life is pretty bad when you mispell the last word in your sentance. Amiriyrte? amirite?

you spelled two words wrong

Just because someone asked a question doesn't mean you should answer it, amirite?

5 second dance party

School Is For Losers, amirite?

and you're harry potter

What's the point of someone being sentenced to prison for 100+ years when they probably won't even live that long, amirite?

because i might not be that bad of a crime but they want them to die in prison because they can't use the death penalty

They'll never be gone

Since Fruit by the Foot is 3 feet long, they should just make it internationally friendly and call it Fruit by the Meter. Who needs alliterations anyway, amirite?

It should be Fruit by the Yard, because a meter is more then three feet.

im still working