About me.

Hey, I'm Daphne. There's not much to know about me, if I edited my profile correctly there should be a picture of a girl with really big hair holding a cat. That would be me. I have a few cats that are mostly strays and they're awesome :) no the one in the picture is not mine it's my friends. I only recently joined amirite and I love it! I will probably update this when I think of something interesting to put... oh and if you want to message me go ahead I love talking to people :)

A user I have recently been talking to suggested I make a list of awesome people, which I think I an awesome idea so if I think you're an awesome person you will find your name on this list.

goodtime - she is the one who suggested this awesome list therefore I have decided she shall be the first user on it.

Brambleclaw8 - I have been talking to her for quite some time on this site she's a great person, well an awesome person I guess you could say is the reason she is on the list ;)

THAT_Girl - I haven't talked to her in quite a while so I don't know if she'll see this but she's truly a nice person and great to talk to and very helpful in hard situations, therefore on the awesome list she goes.

GolfWang - first post I ever favourited was made by her, and she likes Tyler, the Creator therefore there is a spot on the awesome list for her.

Canadian_Ninja - she showed me this site and we've known each other for a long time now and she's an awesome friend :)