Images of brain neurons and synapses look eerily similar to images of space and galaxies, making you wonder: what if "space" is the brain or cells of some other giant creature (or maybe God) and we are a tiny part of it, and what if that creature is just a tiny part of another, larger creature, and what if, within ourselves, we are each a "universe" to other things, amirite?
Republican vs Democrat, Conservative vs Labour, Confederates vs Unionists, Revolutionaries vs British, Capitalism vs Communism. All these conflicts revolve around a single question, which colour is better, red or blue? Amirite?

Don't forget Kira vs L

Dear Mormon door knockers, it's a hot day, I'm allowed to wear shorts in my own house. Please stop looking at me like I'm a concubine for the Devil, amirite?
@ItsPreeGood Therefore all Mormons are evil? That's sound logic.

this ain't about logic, this is about people spraining their vaginas over something that wasn't even meant to be a generalization

half asians are pretty much God's gift to man kind, because they're hot as hell. amirite?

Why thank you...

Nearly everyone on amirite was born in the 1990's, amirite?

Just cause some people are a bit younger doesnt mean we all are ignorant little bitches. cough cough '97 cough

Magazine article: "SEX AND PREGNANCY--RELATED??" Sigh, this is one of the times I wish I knew how to make that facepalm emoticon, amirite?

( o n o ) there take out the spaces, you're welcome interweb

"Feel my legs. I just shaved :)" Ok, I'll do that, but first you have to kiss me, because I just shaved, amirite?

Haha, am I the only one who thought at first of a kiss on SOMETHIN ELSE that was shaved? Also, for whoever it was talkin bout not bein together forever, just cuz you might not end up all married happily ever after doesn't mean you hafta live some half assed eternally celibate life, really don't care if that breaks YOUR lil heart

We all understand the "bagged phone in shower" concept, but what about those of us with touch screens? amirite?
@Nataschalea My phone is touch screen and it worked... just don't hold it under the fountain of water...

I can see how it would work in theory, but mine is uncooperative even out of water

Nobody really recieves a pair of socks for christmas, amirite?

Dumbledore does.

Dear Mormon door knockers, it's a hot day, I'm allowed to wear shorts in my own house. Please stop looking at me like I'm a concubine for the Devil, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk I was commenting on a particular experience I had, where I opened the door wearing shorts and a singlet top and the...

I agree, I'm asian and into visual kei and thelike but americans usually call me some for of goth, and I went to a party and my friends church (which was mormon) and when I walked in every person just stared and one said "we can help you with your problems"

There should be a girl equivilent to the word guy. There's boys and girls, but that seems young-ish, there's ladies and gentlemen, but that sounds too formal, and there's men and women, but that sounds too grown up. Guy is the perfect word for a teenage boy, but what is there for a teenage girl, amirite?

Girls isn't really too young, unless you say little girl or anything else that sounds like it came from the Pedo_Bear handbook

It's annoying when you are trying to tell a story that took place at band camp and all of your friends keep saying "one time at band camp" and giggling to themselves, amirite?

The original is from American Pie, which was before secret life or whatever. The "nerdy chick" whose band camp makes up a whole other movie

Edward Scissorhands was the ORIGINAL sexy Edward, amirite?
watch Rocky Horror Picture Show in the day time just feels wrong, amirite?

Rocky is like a lifestyle, kinda like living. Saying its weird to do that in the day even though its kinda unusual is like saying its weird to live while you're asleep, but that's called dreaming.....