What people really need is a site for purely anonymous ranting/venting, amirite?


Post anything you like, any length. There IS an approval phase after submission, but they pretty much approve anything as long as it doesn't mention any real names of people and personal info and stuff like that.

Girls: You hate the word "cunt". amirite?

Not really.
Cunt is a great insult, but sounds horrible and really douchebaggish if you're all "Ay gurl, I wanna fuck your sweet cunt. <3".

You have never seen a dead body. amirite?

On TV I did. Hurr~

But, all jokes aside, I've seen them at funerals and whatnot.

It's ok for me to stare at a girl's boobs if theyre laid out on top of her tanktop for me to see, amirite?

Actually, sometimes I wear revealing clothing only because the sun wants to burn all the meat off your body at times. ._.

You try your hardest to get into honors classes and once you get put in them you realize you wish you weren't in them because it requires so much effort, amirite?

Honors classes aren't hard.

They just give you work that's REALLY time-consuming. ._.

You hate it when you see ugly people in a relationship and you're just sitting there being single, amirite?
@If this is the way you talk about people, I'm not surprised you're single.

I know, right? People who judge others by their looks are often the hardest to keep a relationship with, because they never get to see past what they judged. Oh well.

If you are ever feeling down about your looks, just look at some old pictures from 6th grade. You'll feel better, amirite?

I was an ugly little shit in 6th and 7th grade, I remember. No, really. I had glasses, no bangs, wore my hair up in a ponytail all the time, and I was even a bit chubby. Good lord.

Even if I have 10 pairs of jeans that are exactly the same I will still have a pair that I like more then the rest, amirite?
@SexyMonkey And yet girls complain about how they don't want guys looking at their ass.. MAKE UP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING MIND.

Hurr, I never said I don't want guys looking at my ass, nor did I mention that I actually have those kinds of preferences.

Even if I have 10 pairs of jeans that are exactly the same I will still have a pair that I like more then the rest, amirite?

Of course. <3
Like that pair of jeans with a cute design on them, or that one pair that shows off your ass better than the others. ;D

Why is it that we usually refer to all non-African ethnicities as their actual name ("I'm Japanese, French, and Brazilian!"), but when it comes to all the African countries, we just say "I'm black" or something along those lines, amirite?

True, true. But I was talking about any non-blacks born in a country, like in general. :u

Lady Gaga would probably get the most shock factor from people if she actually came out in jeans and a t-shirt, amirite?

I know, right?

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People who space punctuations need to go back to myspace, amirite?

Soo whatt iff iSpacee punctuatioonss . ?
Doon ' ttt judgee miii . !
Alll daa haterssz ' cann goo fuckk demselvess (: . !

What's with everyone obsessing over the fact that nothing rhymes with orange? 'Purple' has no rhymes, either, amirite?


It's not "cyberbullying", it's trolling, amirite?
@Well.. Trolling is more of just spamming obnoxious things to everyone anonymously to piss people off. Cyber...

@876034 (Anonymous):

trolling isn't really spamming, more like just doing something to provoke a negative response in someone/a group of people for your own entertainment/personal gain/etc derp

The rapture is coming when the population strikes 7 billion, amirite?

i think it already hit 7 billion?