Cannabolism is better than murder because when you kill your victim, you get free food out of it, amirite?
@Akhilmathew33 It's spelled "Cannibalism" And some would argue that killing humans to eat them is even worse than plain old murder

I think it's pretty much consensus that cannibal serial killers are more horrifying than just killers.

Skinny girl products are typically not bought by skinny girls. amirite?

who will buy them at all?

Once you get your first job after graduation, no future employer cares or checks what your university grades were. amirite?

well I take my transcript to work and show them everyday, maybe im doing it wrong

On average masochists might use less painkillers than regular person. amirite?

I mean, I'm not an expert but I don't think masochists enjoy every kind of pain. Headache for them is just a headache like for every other person, nothing sexual.

Algebra is easy, yet most people struggle to learn it, amirite?

It's not easy for everyone y'know, wasn't particularly hard for me but it's not like it's learning the alphabet either

"use code GAPINGANUS to receive 15% off"

The funeral of a paranormal investigator must be an event like no other. amirite?

They just gonna start searching the coffin?

There's only a 50% chance for everything, amirite?
A lot of Jedi duels would end quicker if somebody used the Force to pants their opponent, give them a wedgie, or just pull their robes over their heads. amirite?

Happens in high school dxd (ecchi anime)

You realize how 'inappropriate' a song is when you hear it on the radio. amirite?

Or when they have a song about kidnap and murder on a mcdonalds advert.

If you add enough ice to tea, after a while it would become half and half tea. amirite?

Do you know how tea is made?

Age of consent is created to only allow kids to have sex with kids and adults to have sex with adults, amirite?
You can never remember what you forgot and you can never forget that you need to remember. amirite?

Oh my god, the truth of this

Our ancient civilization left us scrolls and cave paintings to tell their story. When we become a civilization, we will be leaving a full length 4K HD documentaries for them. amirite?
It is idealistic to want everyone to be a realist. amirite?

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