Women can literally grow other brains. amirite?

I even grew a penis, once.

We love when computers correct us but hate when others correct us, amirite?

Depends I get pretty pissed off when my autocorrect just starts translating my English to Dutch

Humans are tools made by plants so that they can go to other planets and colonize it, amirite?

Germ in a nation

Our eyes are lenses which capture what we want to see, our brains store what is needed, amirite?

Sight is the mind's interpretation of the sensors of the eye.

From an evolutionary perspective, condoms make sex pointless, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut sex and procreation are 2 seperate things.

But the purpose of sex is procreation is it not? I mean, theres other benefits to it outside of that but sex is the natural means of procreation, even if they are separate things

You might not see most of the people you met ever again. amirite?

Or you might.

When you are down and depressed, the only way your life can go is up. amirite?

Of course I'm going up, I have to climb the ladder to tie off the rope.

Many people are offended by not being allowed to offend people. amirite?
Watching porn freely in your browser feels much better than watching porn in incognito. amirite?

Bonus: bookmarking your fav sites directly on the toolbar is 10x better

Apple's circular building is a sign that they will reinvent the wheel and will soon unveil their own version of a car. amirite?

Tires will be stupid expensive and patented so you can only get them from Apple. Of course to save their ego, drivers will say they are a status symbol and try to claim them superior to all other tires.

The existence of casual sex implies the existence of competitive sex, amirite?

If you're ever feeling lazy in bed just say, "Hey babe it's casual Wednesday."

If you weight 200lbs on Earth then you weigh 76lbs on Mars, therefore not fat just on the wrong planet. amirite?

And your mom would have to go to the moon.

Since there are about 2.5 babies born a second, there are as much people on earth as the amount of seconds the oldest person on earth has lived. amirite?
At some point, however distant in the future, humanity will go extinct, but before that point there will be the last member of our species, alone and probably pretty bummed out. amirite?
@jodzdzownica I gotta say, that's quite the lack of imagination on your part. There are literally countless scenarios possible in...

I gotta say, that's quite the lack of imagination on your part. There are literally countless scenarios possible in which this is true...

If drink driesel you are truck, amirite?

Not only poor grammar, but unoriginal