Amirite theme of the day: CanadianPimp's unoriginal Posts and the need to end it all, amirite?

dont know what you are talking about but ok :)

Isn’t it annoying when you use a driveway to make a 3-point turn? The owner of the house is at his door and just watches in confusion as you go up his driveway, and you have no way of telling him what you are doing. amirite?
You've never seen or heard a breaking news report interrupt a commercial, amirite?
@KidHipster It's called September 11th you piece of shit. Fuck Canada.

First off,im not canadian
second someone needs to teach you respect because obvisouly you dont have any for anyone

You think you like all of the songs on your iPod until you put it on shuffle and discover you only like every tenth song, amirite?
I hate it when your seatbelt randomly locks and you can't move, amirite?
Darth Vader never says "Luke, I am your father.", amirite?

for those of you that say no way
watch the movie over again.

R.I.P Len Callier.... Oh wait, you're a faking douchebag, amirite?

Keep it going hahah i want the most hatred message from you on my wall,keep writing posts about me,do it all!! i love it

Relationships and friendships get ruined because of miscommunication, amirite?

Thats not the point of this post...

The Shake Weight has allowed me to keep away arm flab AND give the best hand jobs of my life! Thanks Shake Weight! amirite?

my fav post thanx dude lmfao

Brett Favre on Wheel of Fortune would take so long. "f" "c" "b" "wait, no I'll be a vowel" "wait, wait" "Can I solve the puzzle?" amirite?

it would take him so long lmfao

Nobody seems to care that it's my birthday today. amirite?
Life is like a Lambourghini. It goes too fast and it costs too much. amirite?

what lamborghini?

Life is like a Lambourghini. It goes too fast and it costs too much. amirite?
Vanilla Ice TOTALLY STOLE the main bass line from Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" amirite?

That is totally right yo lol

When I hug someone I want a full hug, not that one arm hug crap, amirite?

yea it always does lol