My brother's name is Derek and my grandma thinks it's Carrott.

There should be a compulsory course in high school that teaches you some important life skills like how to do your taxes, managing insurance, medical aids and other utilities on a budget, etc, amirite?

They have it in canada! Its called essentials of math and it's considered the dumber math but I think it should be mandatory anyway.

It is shameful when you misspell a word and it accidentally becomes dirty, amirite?

Can you lick me up on your way to school?

Listening to substitute teachers take attendance makes you feel incompetent in your own mispronunciation skills, as they have truly mastered the art, amirite?

My brother's name is Derek...and one time he got Carrot.

It's called DISC Golf, not FRISBEE Golf, amirite?

I call it frolf

If watching porn is cheating, then by the same logic so is watching any movie in which two people are dating, amirite?

If watching porn is cheating, then your significant other is crazy.

All Spanish teachers have a creepy side, amirite?

My spanish teacher has a peg leg

There is at least one song on your iPod with the word "love" in the title, amirite?

I believe in a thing called love - the darkness. Fav driving song

You REALLY want to have a kiss in the rain to see if they're all they're hyped up to be, amirite?
They're selling autotune microphones as toys now. If kids weren't doomed before, they are now, amirite?

I had one when I was little but it was a buzz lightyear megaphone and you could do all kinds of voices through it. I loved it

Dijon vu: The sense you've had the same kind of mustard before. amirite?

Deja boo: being scared by the same thing twice, even though you knew it was coming

We don't smile because we're happy. We're happy because we smile, amirite?

Sadly this is a little true. Smiling and laughing releases endorfins in your brain that make you happier. I still NW'd though

It's better to have loved and lost than to stay home every night and download increasingly shameful pornography, amirite?

Big bang theory ftw

Vous ne parlez pas français. Enfin j'ai juste eu envi de mettre quelque chose en français sur ce site. amirite?
@Sonofarifle On a side note, i thought you said grammar doesn't matter on the internet ;) Checkmate

it doesn't, but if you correct mine then it's only fair that I correct yours

Vous ne parlez pas français. Enfin j'ai juste eu envi de mettre quelque chose en français sur ce site. amirite?

on a side note, that makes no sense. You do not think that french is not my first language?