If you successfully graft a female plant to a male plant. You have made a transplant. amirite?
@Legendnoel77 You made gay plants.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things.

A pregnant dog is a dog filled with dogs, amirite?

A pregnant human is a human filled with other humans.

People used to think tomatoes were posionus, so imagine the amount of people who have died just by having to try if a food is poisonus or not. amirite?

You can eat a food that is poisonous and not die. Anything can poison you, it's the quantity that counts. Getting sick from a small amount is a good indication.

Mass depression in dense populations could be an evolutionary response to over population in an apex species , causing the population to take care of itself to bring things back into balance. amirite?

I agree that it's a revolutionary response, but rather I can't helpt but think that the problem is that we've moved very far beyond what we've evolved to. The fact that so many of us go to gyms to wear our bodies out and to feel good, is a testament to just how behind our physiques are. Our central nervous systems are still wired to rewards us as if we were ancient. Maybe people get depressed in some part simply because being away from nature, meaningful manual labour, clean air, domesticated animals etc is against our instincts

Immortality is not a super-power, it is a curse, amirite?

Depends on the type of immortality.

If you will not die of old age but could die by other means, it wouldn't necessarily be.

Dating is the trial version of marriage. amirite?

Dating is totally different than marriage.

In school you are taught to write long wordy essays. In the real world we are taught to be concise and to the point when writing emails or documents. amirite?

Yeah they're basically training everyone to be a writer that gets paid by the word when they should be teaching us how to communicate more effectively

You can't use a straw to drink in space, amirite?
At any given instant(mostly), the number of people peeing is more than number of people pooping :): amirite?

Based on what

A right handed person will never understand the volume of daily-use items that are comfortably built for them. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 Can't you just flip it over and restring it as long as it's not asymmetrical?

„¿lɐɔıɹʇǝɯɯʎsɐ ʇou s,ʇı sɐ ƃuol sɐ ʇı ƃuıɹʇsǝɹ puɐ ɹǝʌo ʇı dılɟ ʇsnɾ noʎ ʇ,uɐↃ„

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@fragsworth Unless it's really bad history

But still no history is very suspenseful n always leave a scope of worse.

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@Openeyes Not really. She'll be suspicious, but a filled browsing history will confirm her suspicions

I am talking in more generic sense. If you go someone's house and somehow see a browsing history to seeing a clean history.

The only two people who truly understand a relationship are the two people in the relationship, it is completely unique to the two individuals and their perspective. amirite?

two or more. polyamory exists.

Tax accountants see how much money people make in every profession, except for their own. amirite?
@mihneacuzino2 Yeah but they do their own taxes within their firm

If they do their own taxes than they see how much a tax accountant makes.