If opposite day is really opposite day, it's actually not opposite day. amirite?
You don't take the wrapper off of a lollipop, you take a lollipop out of the wrapper. amirite?

So we're not supposed to eat the wrapper as well?

The voice is the hardest instrument to play, yet it's the only one most of us learn. amirite?

Well, try to learn...

If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?

There's genuine cream that can grow your breast size. A girl on here asked if there was a way to increase it. I told her about the cream. Some bitch tried to start a fight. There'll always be some dick being a dick.

No one is ever the right amount of whelmed. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Young Justice fans be like

"You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed, why isn't anyone just whelmed?"

An exorsism is a fansy word for a holy beating, amirite?
The only two people who truly understand a relationship are the two people in the relationship, it is completely unique to the two individuals and their perspective. amirite?

two or more. polyamory exists.

A pregnant dog is a dog filled with dogs, amirite?

A pregnant human is a human filled with other humans.

If the moon landing was a hoax, the Soviets would have gone out of their way to prove it was faked, amirite?

I don't know about that, wouldn't it be better to let your enemy think you have been fooled?

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@Openeyes Not really. She'll be suspicious, but a filled browsing history will confirm her suspicions

I am talking in more generic sense. If you go someone's house and somehow see a browsing history to seeing a clean history.

As adults, we imitate our heroes no more, no less than children. amirite?

So many of us wear the clothes we wear, talk the way we talk, and act the way we act because of them. Whoever they may be.

If the world we know is predetermined, than all games are fixed. amirite?

Nah, only when I lose.

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
$50,000 is simultaneously a lot of money and not very much money. amirite?

Someone just figured out what context is

Scientists may discover tomorrow that a universe-destroying cataclysm 1 billion light years away happened 1 billion years ago. amirite?

Space could kill us at literally any second and we may never even see it coming.