Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office- I will track you down. You have my Word. amirite?

You clearly Excel at puns.

You find it hard to believe that the average person touch their face about 4,000 times a day, amirite?

It's my ringtone.
therefore, I haven't heard it.


It just feels wrong going to school during August, even if it's the end of the month, amirite?

I'm out early May then start early August.

You can't think of even ONE adjective that can't be used in a sexual reference at all, amirite?

I'm pretty sure Jesus Christ saying you have an adorable vagina just made my day.

It's pretty hot outside when it's a right angle, amirite?

Please, I live in Arizona and when it's 90, it's a blessing. It gets to 120 sometimes.

If you're in a hotel you like to flash people from your window, amirite?

All the time.

Howie Mandell is probably the most annoying person on television, amirite?
When you were little, you sometimes changed the channel when a main character on the show you were watching got into big trouble, amirite?

I did that a lot on Little Bill.

Justin Bieber is a pretty likable kid. He can make fun of himself, take a joke, make friends easily, sing, and he's funny. Honestly, what's not to like? amirite?

I don't think he's "gay". I think he doesn't sing well. He doesn't deserve the fame. (This is where all the obsessive fan girls thumbs down.)

It's kind of ironic how Lady Gaga came out of an egg at the grammy's, because truth is, she actually WASN'T born that way. amirite?

Or was she?

There should be a "Most Overplayed Song of the Year" Award. amirite?

And the Nominees are "Love The Way You Lie, California Gurls, Airplanes, We R Who We R, and Need You Now!"

Some people's Facebook pictures look really good. If you're far away. And the lights are off. With your eyes closed. amirite?

Perfect.. :x

"Insanity" is just "ytinasni" spelled backwards, amirite?