I highly doubt it.

Let the professional handlers, handle it. It's put of my perview.


Ive heard that tale.
Trump is disliked (takes much more than him to me to hate) because he is a sexist, liar. Cheated hundreds out of hard earned money, and has done nothing benevolent his entire life. I see his presidency as nothing more than folly.


I agree, art is subjective.
Ive seen photos that have blown me away.
Not nudity for nuditys sake. Not pornography. But human form celebrated for the wonder that it is.


There are differing opinions on who the woman is. Apparently goya was commissioned to paint many royals. There is a clothed maja as well. Im thinking that the face was painted in the style of the time, and not meant to be completely recognizable to its admireres.

@Carla Well...duh...

As i was washing my dishes, i thought you may think i was serious....i was not:]




Thank you, ada.

Absolutely, you cannot appreciate the human form by a contemporary artist?


They have an endless income

@Ada Haha my mistake. 乂^◡^乂

Easily done. Both long past gone.