At which point does exaggerating become lying?

Exaggerating is lying. Could be a white lie though.

You probably subconsciously gravitate to the posts that you agree with and either don't go to or don't respond on the ones you disagree with.

Stop complaining about good and bad music
If they are screaming, shouldn't you stop?

Not until you hear the safe word.

Almost everyone who would consider themselves open minded, logical or reasonable never seem to actually know anything about the alternate views to their positions.
@TomboyJanet That would be the fault of those expressing them for not clearly explaining them. If people have a perception about...

So your position is if you got it wrong, after no attempt on your own to look into an alternate point of view its their fault that you remain ignorant? Again... irrational. And I never brought up the legality of disagreement. I only bring up rational thought and being reasonable people towards alternate views. not necessarily agreeing with them

At which point does exaggerating become lying?

What the fuck is this site anymore! Jesus Christ! Never mind then

People who talk about themselves should just be quiet. Amirite? Hearing someone describe themself...I never do this...I'm just like that...I won't do this...this is how I am...well, it gets boring... Amirite?

I agree with Lil_Princess. I've seen too many cases, especially with children, who had no support for what's going on in there lives. (e.g. parents asking what you did today and adamantly listening with follow up questions) These people now feel guilty talking about themselves and wasting peoples time. They just shut down when people do pay attention... But back to your point, ya if people just bragged for an hour straight I would get annoyed.

It was shortened from "God bless you" but even still. I prefer Gesundheit. The German version but translates "Health to you"

Just saying you aren't Sexist or Racist...doesn't mean it's true. This is up for debate.
Men are chefs. Women are cooks. Still not much change after all these years. Amirite?

Well I have paid attention and asked around but it seems to almost always be the case that men do more cooking at home now

Racist Trump Supporter cancels Asian woman's reservation because of her racist beliefs

As it is, it sounds bad. But I can't help but think there is more to the story. The "Asian" comment was wrong either way.

Alright Theists. I'm an agnostic atheist. Convert me!
@Budwick Cool! Just wanna make sure I understand the challenge. My answer is going to be a lot more simple than many would...

I appreciate you looking into my position before hand. I am much more interested in civil discussion than flogging anyone :p
I have spent an awful amount of time within churches and praying and such. But I am much more intrigued with the "what caused the cause" argument rather than specific gods Like what caused the big bang etc

Stop complaining about good and bad music

Bad how then? You know other people like it. Is it musically bad? Is it the rhythm? Just the message? This is what I mean. It's easy to say it's all bad. But do you know why? And is it justified in calling all mainstream music bad?

Ding ding, we have a winner.

What's more important, clearing up hypocrisy or keeping friends and family? Especially lately it's become one extreme vs the other extreme and you are prosecuted by the other side for your stance. Being open with your stance only seems to draw out people trying to make you feel like a terrible person without trying to understand what your stance is, like in your picture.

Alright Theists. I'm an agnostic atheist. Convert me!