There are 2 people left on earth. Which gender do you wish they might be...?
@Carmo lol

Evolution is hardly scientific. Science has to be observable and tests can produce same results. Cannot observe or test evolution. It's pseudo science at best

It is very sad. I've seen a friend change like overnight. From a sweet person to a very bitter one.

I've found, trying to turn them back is a waste of time..

Either they crash and burn, realizing they've changed... or continue on without me.

Out of my hands either way...

At which point does exaggerating become lying?

It really is becoming SH mark 2

Children learn to give into peer pressure from parental techniques.

Not entirely, but yup, it's mainly their main education that favours it.

It's Graduation Time Should We Rethink How Long Students Spend in High School?
@Budwick Enough of your ignoring my responses!

1) How is high school graduates unable to read better than ignorance? // no suggestions here//

2) Vic, I think it's you that is deaf. The failure of public education is well known. Here is a headline you could follow up on - you read, right?

New York City’s literacy rates are on the decline: nearly 80 percent of high school graduates lack basic skills like reading, writing and math and are required to relearn them before qualifying for community college.
complaints and other's idea, still not your opinion

3) You got me! Ask New York City Mayor de Blasio. He's wanting to close charter schools that perform far better than public schools. (I'm sure that union school teachers in the public schools had nothing to do with his decision.)

Of course I never suggested eliminating schools. That's your communist knee jerk reaction kicking in. I might have thought of improving school performance first - but, you know, ... I'm a Christian conservative - what do I know? Still no opinion offered

4) Yeah, more schools made of the same failed model of public schools. More of the same, problems without solutions

5) No Hyperbole Vic! My solution would be to stop making poor quality cars! In the same way my solution to the education issue you tried to steer off the road would be to stop poor quality education! // now we are getting somewhere. A suggestion! but no plan yet//

6) Sigh, your inability or unwillingness to actually discuss rather than you simply lecturing is wearisome.

Because, free schooling like existing public schools suck.// I am ready to discuss - but wait. You just restate that there is a problem. Still no solutions offered//

7) My initial concern remains - that our track record for government sponsored education totally sucks! I have no reason to assume that secondary education efforts would be any better. // Again - a statement of the problem with no offered discussion.//

8) There's a nice summary of some proposed actions at this URL

Finally! good stuff So I ask - what should we do?
You respond with:
Enough of your ignoring my responses!

So I guess I will have to offer my own thoughts:

If you don't have the government involved, and keepo it all private, how do you suggest we move toward the 'affordable Baccalaureate programs' suggested in this article? How can you reduce the administrative overhead while privatizing the industry?

Could you burn a dollar bill? I asked this on SH once; ppl got very upset....
@TomboyJanet No it's actually illegal

Jan. That's hardly a reason...coming from you.


This is a dang Opinion

Stop asking questions

At it's core, typically downvoting is a sign of disagreement. It's that simple, for the most part.

From there, there's many problems that arise for some people.

When some people are disagreed with, this is annoying to them as having their views challenged can be very frustrating and they'd rather run away from that than actually face it.

There's also times when people downvote without really making an argument for what they have to say. This can be annoying as well as downvoting, again, is a sign of disagreement. . . But if someone is going to disagree but fail to explain their views that can be annoying. I mean, what kind of a discussion is it if it's, "I see your points but I disagree with you, here's why." only to be replied to with "Oh I disagree with you, but I won't tell you why, here's a downvote."

There's also the whole brigade type thing, where people band together to downvote because god forbid anyone disagree with them or their group, this is also annoying to many because it shows the people they're discussing things with are really that petty and can tie in with #1 and #2.