I look at people sometimes and think ….. Really?? That’s the sperm that won?
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Hello! I hope you can see this comment, as nobody else can. Apparently, you've gone and made my comments invisible without telling me! haha :)
If there is anything you would like to talk to me about, such as my behavior or anything of that sort, please don't hesitate. I don't bite! I would message you if I could as I know this isn't the place to discuss this, but I can't do that since you only allow them from people you follow.

It would be funny if your gravestone said "glad THATS over..." AMIRITE?

I would never be able to rest in peace if I knew my gravestone had improper grammar.

Chocolate covered pretzels is like heaven in your mouth. Actually, anything that's covered in chocolate is heavenly, amirite?
This is the face I made on Turkey Day when they deep fried it and then the pot caught on fire!

No, I was there. You didn't look anything like this trust me

Chocolate covered pretzels is like heaven in your mouth. Actually, anything that's covered in chocolate is heavenly, amirite?

No, not penises

Thanks to capitalism, all of these things now fit in your pocket, amirite?

It's amazing how much bigger pockets are nowadays

Guys: Girls are prettiest when they're in between fat and super skinny, with just enough curves, Amirite?

Obviously there is no set definition of beauty. This site is about opinions. He wants to know what your opinion on beauty is. We don't need to go over this every single time do we?

OH PLEASE! I'm begging you... Just give the kid what he wants!
@Duotic What's the point of this post?

To demonstrate just how stupid picture posts can get

Regardless of who wins, there will be an outcry for a recount, amirite?
@Ebony_Way Why is this even post of the day? Like, come on, now... it's POST of the day, not POSTS.

I guess people thought it was too hard and prestigious to get a potd when you look at the astounding quality of recent ones so they tried to lower the potd level so to speak.

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?
@scojo Why not just wait until we find out who won the real election?

Because the amirite? community is so politically inclined and knowledgeable and so diverse really it's not like they're all democrats or anything. This is basically so we can get an intelligent discussion as you can see from the previous comments.

You are wondering why the hell amirite? isn't added at the end of every post anymore :(

if it really bothers you why did you not use it

You want broken bones, till you get them, amirite?

Yeah like I really wish my arm would just snap right now that sounds ideal

There's no worse feeling than when a friend cuts you out of his/her life out of the blue, amirite?

idk having your friend decide to torture you out of the blue seems worse

It's better to be the first zombie than to be the absolute last survivor, amirite?

It would suck to be all alone, but you aren't exactly captain social as a zombie. It's better to be alive imo.

You wish people looked like their personalities. amirite?

No I don't want to see a bunch of assholes walking around