You kind of know who you'd be DTF with on this site, amirite?

She can join.

We all know someone so dumb that they'd probably try to minimize a 12 variable function to a minimal sum of products expression using a Karnaugh map instead of a Quine-McCluskey Algorithm, amirite?
They should make a reverse Hooters restaurant that only staffs hot shirtless guys and serves stereotypical female foods like salad, vegetarian food, yogurt, and chocolate desserts. They could call it Bollocks. amirite?

The Chaser's War on Everything did a skit on this, they called it Donger's.

If you make an igloo out of black ice, it's called a nigloo, amirite?

And if you made a really huge igloo, it would be a bigloo

How school works...In class: 2+2=4; homework: 2+4+2=8; Exam: John had 4 apples. He eats one and gives on to his friend. Calculate the Sun's mass, amirite?

He should have made his name anonymous, and gave the site from where it came. This is fake and gay.

Guess who just got their childhood ruined.

Procastination doesn't apply to masturbation unless you seriously lack motivation. amirite?


If you got message from your Girlfriend saying "Honey,Thespacebuttononthisphoneisfaultywhenyougethomepleasegivemeanalternative." you'd wonder what a ternative is, amirite?


Sometimes you look at the birds and think 'I want to fly too", amirite?

When I was little I used to want to grow up to be a bird. My mom never told me that this wasn't possible until I was 8.

How come calling a black person black is racist, but saying a ginger has no soul is funny? amirite?

Because gingers aren't a race.

The best music videos are the ones that act out a story. When the bands just singing its so boring. amirite?
You can instantly learn martial arts throught Mulan songs, amirite?
If the 9gag army was a real army they'd be the French, amirite?

Stupid 9faggers.

You can instantly learn martial arts throught Mulan songs, amirite?
It's not attractive when girls joke about them having a massive penis, amirite?