Being sick/hot/hungry. The tripple threat, amirite?

This made me think of a sweaty Hungarian guy whose a Sikh...

Even though you don't like Justin Bieber's music, you think the story of how he came to be is respectable, amirite?
@tag Can somebody enlighten me please?

@1207999 (roomforonemore): On Bieber's stories? I think he started by singing covers on Youtube, Usher saw them, liked them and got him a record deal or something.

You've accidentally read "organisms" as "orgasms" in the science book, amirite?

My teacher pronounces it Orgasms.

It's weird to think about how your name now won't always be your name if you're an unmarried female. After you get married, your last name will become your middle name, and what happens to your middle name, amirite?

Where I'm from the girl keeps her last name.

It's funny when songs in foreign languages have random words in English. amirite?
@Bethanytheravenclaw huh true i have no clue what gee means

@1174176 (Bethanytheravenclaw): well according to google it means...omg...?

you hate it when your bestfriends rat turns out to be the guy that betrayed your parents, amirite?

Ugh, it happens all the time! I just don't know who to trust anymore. :(

It's funny when songs in foreign languages have random words in English. amirite?
It's funny when songs in foreign languages have random words in English. amirite?
@All KPOP is like this. . . . And I fuckin' love it.

yeah ikr! Its like: "foreign foreign foreign OH GIRL foreign foreign."

You wonder why and how being smart became something to ridicule, amirite?

-.- I've always wondered that too, but in a lot of different countries being smart makes you revered.

Only no talent douche bags wear sunglasses at night, amirite?

Actually, being able to walk around in the night with sunglasses on is a pretty big talent.

Obama impressions aren't nearly as funny as Bush impressions. amirite?


Justin Bieber is a pretty likable kid. He can make fun of himself, take a joke, make friends easily, sing, and he's funny. Honestly, what's not to like? amirite?


Perfect little girls, huh? Well Professor, WHAT ABOUT THE FINGERS? amirite?

fighting crime! trying to save the world WITHOUT FINGERS.
they didnt have toes either xD

You've got to wonder why it's only a black history month. The Jews went through a hell of a lot more, and they don't get a month. The Native Americans were completely kicked out of their own country, and they don't get a month. This is one of the least complained about forms of racism, amirite?


You've accidentally called your teacher "mom" before, amirite?
@StickCaveman My mom was a substitute for one of my classes once and she told me to call her Mrs. (our last name). I called her...

omg in the middle of class i was like "WAIT MOM!" and she got mad and infront of everyone she was like "DONT CALL ME MOM!!" >.< oh god.