it hurts just as much to be called 'too thin' as it does to be called 'really fat' amirite?

It does when you're trying hard as hell to gain weight and the person calling you too thin knows that.

Ann Romney understands struggle like a cat understands laser pointers, amirite?

didn't she have cancer like multiple times...? as far as i know that can teach a person quite a bit about struggling

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starts cutting open a watermelon
"What? This thing is way overripe."

Guys, you have a bit of a crush on at least one female amirite user, amirite?

Shit, I ACTUALLY forgot to go Anon. Fuck, I'm stupid. /facepalm

Every time someone asks you what your favourite movie is, you forget every movie you have ever seen in your whole life, amirite?

I think we can all agree Mean Girls is a classic. And if you don't think so, you can't sit with us.

In the real world, there is no point to having a graphic calculator. Amirite?

Am I really the first one to point out that they are GRAPHING calculators, not graphic?

You hate it when someone of an older generation says that this generation is lazy, and we don't work hard enough. You used to just have to be fairly smart and try a little in school to get into an Ivy League. Now you need to get a 2300+ on your SATs, have a 3.75+ GPA, and take like 5 AP tests just to be considered. Plus we need to show leadership, help out the community, and do extracurricular activities. High schoolers have to work hard to go to a good college, amirite?

Or you can just be a minority.

When you were a kid, you thought that all the animals had some sort of secret language the humans couldn't understand (like your pet dog and cat), amirite?
@Shugah They do...

Wow I saw this post on the homepage and came to say exactly what I said ten months ago.

You find the upper arm bone humerus, amirite?

I am trying tibias good at puns as you are.

Skydiving is pretty dangerous, 1/5 people don't even make it to the ground! amirite?

All you've gotta do is:

If you had a lot of money and a really big house, it would be really cool of you to take in a couple of homeless people [others with so-called good-for-nothing jobs like prostitutes(of course you'd take care of a few homeless first so people don't talk)] for, say, a year, to train them, give them food, shelter, etc so they can find jobs, then move on to another few homeless people, amirite?

train them? "sit, prostitute. stay. good, prostitute!"

You sometimes wonder where people get their usernames from, amirite?

Everyone thinks mine is Patrick and Spongebob mixed together, but it's not. There was a pink sponge sitting on the table next to me.

Public transport is more fun than people give it credit for. You can be sat there when suddenly, BAM. Resident weirdo walks on, sits next to you, and you get a 10 minute story about how he fought apes in Vietnam with his Henry Hoover. Of course, the alternative is that you go home with 16 new undiscovered illnesses from touching anything, amirite?

..."Yes," it "is."