About me.

I've been on amirite quite a lot, but finally decided to make an account.

So, hello. My name is blankity-blank.

I love The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and am looking forward to The Hobbit. My favourite super-hero happens to be Batman and one of my favorite shows is centered around super-heroes. I like the L.A Lakers; they've been my favourite basketball team since as long as I can remember and I'll love them always. I'm a very politics centered person and I usually avoid speaking about it to anyone because of how embarrassingly passionate I get.

I like acting, although I probably won't pursue a career in it unless I randomly get discovered, which will never happen.

My favourite movie is The Dark Knight and the LOTR trilogy, my favourite colours are green and yellow and blue.

I like to listen to soundtracks and my favourite composers are Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Howard Shore.

I suppose that's it :)