The only bonus of being a convicted felon is the fact you can't be drafted. amirite?
You can never have a vegan beefeater without it sounding like a contradiction. amirite?
hentie is fanfiction of anime, amirite?
Technically speaking, saying "I'm dying" is never incorrect, amirite?

However saying, im dead, is always incorrect

If you got a lung transplant from someone with CoronaVirus, you would probably get sick, amirite?

That's how infectious disease and organ transplants work, yes.

Someone who teaches others how to fart better is a tutor. amirite?
Bowling is a super fun sport to play but probably the most boring sport to watch, amirite?

It's very much a matter of opinion. Some people love that chance of seeing a perfect game or a beautifully thrown 7-10 split.

On the other side, golf takes a LOT longer and has a lot less action.

If an English person thinks using the English language and a Spanish person thinks using the Spanish language. Does a baby think in baby language, amirite?
In a thousand or so years, people will look back at us and think of us as unsophisticated, amirite?
When you die, the bacteria that kept you alive will eat you, amirite?

Nobel prize nominee

Your butt can expel all of the three states of matter, amirite?

what about the plasma poops

If your bald, the warmest part of your head are your eyebrows, amirite?

what about in your ears

The point of adulthood is when you start listening to the same radio stations that your parents used to, amirite?

I would say that is definitely a sign of being old is when you listen to radio instead of collecting music.

Buying a friend a toy for their birthday as a kid is the only time you actively shop for something you don't want. amirite?

I have never met a toddler that wants to go clothes shopping.

Restaurants existed before bleach. amirite?