Man, imagine if women's boobs and men's balls exchanged places. You'd be grabbing a woman's balls. There'd be phrases like "boobs of steel". amirite?

Wait, so woman have balls where they'd have boobs and guys just can't walk?

Burgers seem unhealthy until you look at the ingredients, amirite?

All burgers do not automatically seem healthy or unhealthy. It depends on what kind of hamburger it is, since all burgers are not made with the same ingredients. It also matters which brand and which type of ingredients you use because some mayonnaise is healthier than others and the same can be said about all ingredients for all food. A turkey burger would obviously be healthier than a regular beef patty. A burger that's basically a grilled chicken sandwich doesn't seem unhealthy at first glance.

One of worst thing that can happen to you in a debate, is that you a agree with your opponents arguments. amirite?

"Winning" a debate should never be your goal, it's a hugely flawed logic. The point of a debate should be to discuss your viewpoints and accept the most logical one. There's no shame if your viewpoint is less logical, it simply means you considered different factors and you can be corrected on the mistake.

Vegans can't use petrol because it's made of dead dinosaurs, amirite?

So, basically, a lot of people have used fossil fuels before and they are still banned. Is that part of our culture?

If you go 20 years into the future to meet your old self, you would find out that you've been missing for 20 years, amirite?
@DrFetusRN Not if you went back afterwards...

how will you see yourself after you've come back

You can probably build a house with the items people lost and never found again. amirite?

Man, has anyone seen my door? I left it right over there, and now it's gone!

People don't want you to just listen. They want you understand. amirite?

I don't get it.

If pubs did a kind of Bring Your Own Glass thing when they re-open, they would finally see the true extent of how many people steal their glasses in normal times, amirite?
There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for pharmacists to keep using white lab coats. amirite?

I love when people make wildly inaccurate statements but don't provide any form of support for their statement.

It can't be a coincidence that Moby Dick just so happens to be a Sperm Whale, amirite?

I don't think they used dick in that sense when Moby Dick came about

All the music we hear is diegetic. amirite?
The most common reason for our existence is procreating. amirite?

Don't see how anyone could argue with you. DNA exists to create more DNA, it's just developed some pretty advanced vehicles to facilitate that.

I'm thwarting mine though cos I don't want kids - living happily as a pointless organism!

Kurama could have just convinced Naruto to directly or indirectly off himself so he could be let free, instead of undoing the seal. amirite?

"I have no idea what you just said, so I'm going to assume it's a hate crime."

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The average human has 5 holes in their head. amirite?
@Huemaninstrument Each piercing is two holes

Does a straw have two holes or one long one?

Older people might take longer to answer, not because of brain deterioration, but because they have more things to consider because of life experience. amirite?