Why do most religious people reject evolution?

Too much labor for lazy minds.

A country that has three revolutions in 50 years time probably isn't doing it right?
@I depends on your idea of a revolution. A revolution is more than a military coup or overthrowing a president or...

I'll have to disagree with you on one major point, I'm not sure whether you're familiar with Sudan's history or you just assumed I'm talking about it because it says I'm from there on my profile, either ways, people coming together despite of their differences to stand up united and call for change forcing those in charge to step down is definitely considered a revolution, it's a major twist in the mind set of those oppressed to acknowledge firstly that they don't approve of their current situation and secondly their great power and capability to bring the change they want to reality. Which has happened successfully twice here already, in the 60's and in the 80's long before Facebook and proper media coverage, and the third time is on its way.

Other than that, this post is pretty much saying exactly what you stated; revolutions are an ongoing process of pulling through until the development aspired for is achieved. The fact that change is needed here every 20 years as it seems means there's something missing in those uprisings, they did not ensure democracy on the long run, hence we're not doing it right.

When you're alive it's almost as if the world is built up around you. When you talk to someone, or when you see people walking about, 99% of the time, you don't ever take into consideration that they have their own lives, and thoughts. It's probably because we've only seen the world through our own eyes. It makes your head hurt that there are 7 billion other worlds around you, amirite?

That's why books, movies, poetry and songs are this great and popular; they give us a glimpse of that.

Islam is a bad religion and people should be allowed to say it. Not out of ignorance, out of knowledge. amirite?

How do you classify a certain religion as "bad" to begin with? While I understand some people calling religion in general "the root of all evils", I fail to comperehnd your point. Please elaborate.

2012 - the year that the Olympic logo looked like Lisa Simpson giving a "fun time in the mouth", amirite?
Placing a trade sanction on a country to punish its leaders isn't the greatest idea, it will only worsen the living conditions of the people, amirite?
You like the new amirite layout, amirite?


What do you think of Google plus? especially it's idea about circles?
You like the new amirite layout, amirite?
@Chilitaz_ IT'S TOO SOON TO ASK!

It brought up alot of suggestions making it good though. However, I believe that negative score would change if people got the chance to get used to the layout first.

It's weird thinking of all the things you could experience, but won't, amirite?

Not only places; life experiences as well. Even right where I am, I will never be able to fully go through/comprehend what life is like to someone with different family conditions for example or a different education. I feel like my lifetime is too short for all the variety of human experiences out there. That's why I like books.

Placing a trade sanction on a country to punish its leaders isn't the greatest idea, it will only worsen the living conditions of the people, amirite?
@Joe_Larson well, it may do that in the short run and the powerful countries who control the sanctions have to be very alert...

I think the main victims are the people of the county in question, as an oppressive leader is a dictator that is likely to stay in office until he's either elected out (if elections weren't corrupt; which they probably will be) or removed by a revolution of the people. All these sanctions are only destroying economies making it harder for them to rebuild their country. For instance; they get to import wheat but not the machinery that would help them grow it themselves, turning the country into a dependent poor country on top of all their problems of oppression and lost freedoms, while those who are supposedly getting punished are pushing the people further under poverty line because they will keep on fulfilling their greedy needs regardless of the income now being decreased.

When you see a guy who just had his hair cut short you just have the urge to go up and pet it, amirite?

Yeah, you should. curious

It upsets you when a minority in your religion gets you stereotyped upon their actions. "Oh, you're muslim? You must be violent!" "Oh, you're christian? You must want to convert me!" "Oh, you're an atheist? You must be going to call me stupid and then give me a lecture on evolution!" "Oh, you're jew? Look! A penny!", amirite?
Hypocrisy is one of the most disgusting traits in a person, amirite?

The worst.

On occasion you find it is gratifying to engage in the frivolity of incorporating words that are more intellectual than you habitually use. amirite?
@PinkSponge There's a thread in the Games section of the amirite forums (that I started but hah, who cares) where you take a...

I always thought there should be a dictionary/website for that. Where you insert simple sentences and you get them rephrased in sophisticated words.