About me.

My name is Sean.
I'm from beautiful sunny South Africa, and I'm currently in my third year of studying mechanical engineering.

I'm Christian - not very hardcore but I have no patience for intolerance.

I'm very anti-drugs, except weed; unfortunately I've seen what it can do to people.

My interests are:
Sports - mostly rugby and cricket
Music - mostly classic rock but anything goes
Series - I'm a big fan of The Office but I also like Arrested Development, Scrubs, HIMYM, Family Guy, Top Gear, South Park.

I also happen to be romantically involved with one user name - PandaPants, my other half :) her profile picture is of us on a beach in J-Bay - really cool place!

To me, nothing goes down better than a good game of rugby, a braai, some beers, a hub, my mates and my girl!

Tolerance. Empathy. Peace.