You can act different around different people without being fake. Sometimes context just brings out different parts of you subconsciously. You are only being fake when you are directly contradicting core personal values and beliefs with your actions, amirite?

There are some people I enjoy being with simply because they bring out a rare aspect of my personality...

Despite typical beauty ideals of English-speaking countries, naturally slim (even lanky) members of either sex can be very appealing, amirite?
It really sucks when you say something without thinking and you really offend someone, amirite?

I.e making a joke about divorce to someone who was, unfortunately, in the process. I later smacked my head to a brick wall.

When playing Sims, you get frustrated when your characters waste time playing computer games instead of socializing or improving skills. Then you shut up. Amirite?
@Nacklefoodle Why would you get frustrated by their actions if you command them completely. You make them do their actions

They HAVE free will. You can only control one Sim at a time.. you could command one Sim to work on his book, and when you play another Sim, the first one ditches writing for computer games.

People who believe in God: you sometimes wonder if one of the reasons we exist is for His amusement, amirite?

To be clear: we exist for His glory. I just think He probably gets a chuckle out of (harmless) awkward situations.

It would be awkward to go through puberty in a nudist colony, amirite?

"I didn't mean to get pregnant. I fell."

Those little messages that make you smile, ones that you get when you wake up, and hugs from behind. am I right?

YYA without the hug part.

Hourglasses can be crazy fun to play with, amirite?
Girls: so long as he's not being gross about it and isn't overweight, it's more attractive for a guy to eat a lot than to barely eat, amirite?
@boxtop That applies to girls too.

Good.. :P Hey, at least I'm not fat.

One of life's pleasures is making a cute person laugh or smile, amirite?
it must be difficult to describe scatting (in music) to someone, amirite?

At first I thought you were talking about animal crap..

Hispanic/Black girls: Yo don't understand why white girls fear getting a big ass, amirite?

I'm a white girl who's had one all my life...

It would be awkward to go through puberty in a nudist colony, amirite?
Some women need to realize when too much is too much, amirite?
@chloerose This must be from

It's a photoshop makeover site. Most of the photos look like this one.

Oddee is a fun website, amirite?
@Adorea talk about advertisinggg... But yes, I actually used to frequent that site a lot.

Oh, no, I was only trying to see if anyone on this site has been there.