He'd still have to be athletic though. I don't care if he's a varsity athlete, but he has to be able to lift me and out-run me.

That typo could make this post go in two entirely different directions. Misspelling of "never" or "near?"

I freaking hated those stupid finger spaces. Writing is so much faster when your fingers aren't right in the way.

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Tina and Betsy.

When I ask my teacher when I'll need to use a concept in the real world, he says that I will need to know it so that when I become a math teacher I will be able to teach it to other kids so that they can become math teachers.

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Men should not make nasty comments or give gross, drooling stares. On the other hand, saying that you should be able to wear scant clothing and not get looked at is kind of the same as saying you want to eat popcorn and not get kernels stuck in your teeth. Either get over the rare problem, or avoid eating the popcorn. Are you smelling what I'm stepping in here?

I swear this is like the fifth time I've seen this on the home page. It's also the fifth time I have thought it isn't funny.

I've read it three times and I don't see the typo, so all I'm getting is a meaningful post.

My dad was 19. He got a fake ID and made appoint to drink every single day until he turned 21.

For the most part, accidents happen because someone isn't paying attention to the road, not because one of the drivers is inexperienced. One of the biggest reasons that teens don't pay attention to the road is because of texting. Just sayin'.