About me.

"Lana?" My eyes fluttered open sleepily. Ms Garvey calling out to me as she undid my foot bindings with the wrist bindings already undone by either side of the bed. I rubbed my wrists and could see the hosiery ripped where bindings had been at my feet. "Sorry to wake you up but I think it is better to get on a schedule." I sat up cross-legged as Ms Garvey came around and undid the buttons on my blouse and undid the zipper on my dress.

I offered nor felt any desire for resistance. I would get Alex back for his lying and escape but even that thought wasn't on the forefront. My silver bracelet was tight on my wrist and there wasn't any short term solution except to enjoy the vacation as promised. And of course the delicious loveliness of being dressed. Ms Garvey had taken my lingerie off and thrown everything into a basket. She put a frock on me, a simple cotton onesie type thing and I raised my arms lazily and without complaint. She washed my face and applied my makeup. She was very good at it and I noted some of her techniques.

Today she had me done up softly. Pink lipstick and pink rouge with lavender eyeshadow. I saw that she had done my nails in a similar style. "You are so pretty and lovely." she said as she put me in a perfectly warm bath again. I was embarrassed that some of her son's dried cum was still in my hair, but she didn't seem to notice and all the lovely smells of soap and perfume made me forget.

Later I dried myself and stepped out with a towel wrapped around me. Ms Garvey had made the bed and laid out what I was to wear. I put on the lavender garters and thigh highs and bra as she rubbed lotion and oils into my skin and hair. Ms Garvey and I had breakfast together, me in my lingerie and frock and I devoured the quiche and pastries. I felt unladylike but I was famished, not having eaten since I'd arrived more than a day ago.

The dress felt like I was some kind of magical fairy or something. It was diaphanous, kind of translucent and one could almost see my naked body underneath but not quite as the colors danced on layered surfaces of the garment. Ms Garvey finished with a silvery sash and some pearl hair clips. My hair felt bouncy and flirty as I gave myself a last inspection. I sat back down happily and then I felt thoughtful as I finished my tea. I had a question formulating in my head but shy to ask. Afterall I had been tied up just the day before.

Finally there seemed a moment and I put my tea down,. I couldn't look in Ms Garvey's eyes. "I suppose today I am to serve Ale... my master. I mean Alex.. I should provide him with some sexual ser..." I sounded like a total retard. Ms Garvey lifted my chin up, prompting me to look at her. "Lana, it's really not like that. In order for you to realize your potential, you must learn but you must also be free. That is the only way you... ``her voice trailed off. "Anyways you must be yourself. There is never a requirement of sex here. That is... distasteful and not what Alex wants."

"And... what about Hank?" I looked straight into her eyes, perhaps a few sparks flying off. I was still pissed to be mouth raped the first day I was there. "Oh. yes. Hank" she said. "That wasn't something Alex ordered and I hope you will not mention that. Hank is a dull boy and I'm sorry he did that. He doesn't get out much. Her anguish made me soften. And knowing it was Hank's own desire and not Alex's manipulation made me sorry I had been so strident.

At that moment, there was a very soft knock on the door. Ms Garvey went to let a young woman in. She had a thin crepe cape with a hood covering her head and a beautiful dress, eggshell white of the finest material which wafted behind her as she walked over, hand extended daintily. "I hope I didn't interrupt" she said as she took her hood off. "My name is Persephonne, but everyone calls me Fenny. Welcome to our little corner of the world."

She was pale as I was tan. She had light freckles on pale skin and long straight red hair just hidden by her hood. She was thin, almost frail but she had a dancer's poise. She exuded femininity. "May I take you out to see the grounds?" she said shyly. I giggled, she seemed so formal. She giggled then, the tension broke. Ms Garvey smiled as she motioned for Fenny to her seat as she got up to make more tea. "Oh my god" she said lightly, looking at me. "I don't know why I'm nervous about the new girl. Things are so nice here sometimes I dislike change." "I feel the same," I said, taking her hands, which were warm and delicate. I already felt the warmth and camaraderie of girls like us together. I did notice she didn't have a silver bracelet like mine. Hmmm, I thought.

After tea, we made light conversation as we walked in the garden. Ms Garvey had started putting on a pair of dark red soft leather booties and I got self conscious, no longer wanting to feel like a child. I slipped them on and they felt so luxurious on my feet, a perfect fit. Perhaps I was Cinderella. Fenny was wearing amazing girly gladiator sandals, straps winding up past the knee, her almost invisible sheer hosiery exposing lovely light purple toenails. I wanted to learn how she put things together so effortlessly. It was such a relief to talk girl talk as we walked through a stand of trees under soft earth filled with lavender bushes and grape vines. Fenny was shy and natural, soft spoken. I couldn't see anything that revealed her male secret except the tiniest of bulges underneath layers of her silky dress, which like mine, wafted in the late summer breeze, in a moment exposing skin and then not.

She said she had been at the ranch the longest, she had once been a young ranch hand, and as he grew into adulthood, her inner self bean to reveal herself. She had gone to college and helped with the accounting at the ranch as well as some of the interior design. Alex had paid for her art school with no strings attached but she always knew she would be back. She asked about me as well and we held hands like old friends as we walked delicately through the secret garden paths. A young man dressed as a kind of page walked respectfully behind and Fenny said he was there as a servant, to fetch us water or food as we needed.

"And then he tried to make a move and I dug my stiletto into his foot." I said, finishing a recent date story. She started giggling, and then I started and we had to sit down in a little nook as we couldn't walk from laughing. I noticed then her panties, not because they were silky but because underneath I could see a thicker leather layer around the silky purple panties. "Ok, I know I'm probably too forward, but what is going on there?"

Fenny gave a look of mock insult. She looked around to make sure the boy wasn't able to see and lifted her skirt conspiratorially revealing a beautifully detailed leather chastity belt fastened firmly but not painfully holding firm an intricately patterned metal cage with a dainty but solid looking pewter lock. My eyes widened as she lowered her dress quickly. "Uh, TMI?" I said as I laughed, pushing her away. "Tell me more... if you like" I said curiously. "You have time to hear a little story?" she said and I nodded my head vigorously. I loved the intimacy of our girl talk.

"So... " she started after a bit, "As I mentioned, I've been a part of this ranch for a long time and I was starting, with Alex's help, to learn how to dress. We didn't have sex or anything, even though I was curious and scared to be with a man. I had returned from college and loved being free and dressing and working here and there to earn my keep. Alex didn't touch me ever but bought me things to wear and with Ms Garvey's help I started to look better and better. The ranch hands I had worked with before flirted with me but Alex shooed them off with a stern eye. As much as I wanted Alex, I knew he wasn't interested in a pure submissive like myself."

Fenny shifted her dress and continued, "One night last summer, the staff was setting up for one of Alex's parties. His close business partner Christian was turning fifty and Alex was having a little birthday party. Christian had a stiffness about him in contrast to Alex's warmth. Christian thin and tall in contrast to Alex's farm raised muscles. I had seen him before at other parties and he seemed shy and reclusive and didn't seem interested in the women that were brought in from time to time. Certainly he wasn't into anything weird, like me. Still I felt comfortable around him, he had always been a gentleman and never made any comments about my clit as other men did sometimes.

I was listening with rapt attention. Fenny put her hand over mine, "I had just turned 21. I had had some awkward attempts at dating as Fenny in college. I was very shy out in the real world. A couple hours before the party, Alex came to my room as I prepared for the party. He touched my ass fondly as I put my makeup on. Perhaps this was the night? I was feeling aroused and ready."

She looked me in the eye. "Then without a word, he reached around and put this," she indicated the leather straps around her panties, "in one motion, fitted the cage around my small clit, tightened and locked and stood back." I was confused as he left without a word. I was distracted and forgot as I finished putting on my lacy black evening A-frame dress and went out to see the guests as they arrived at dusk. We ate sumptuously and drank wine. And people spoke fondly of Christian and told stories. I was touched. Christian looked happy but reserved as always. Lastly Alex got up and spoke of how Christian saved his life more than once. The crowd murmured with appreciation. At the end, Alex reached into his pocket and gave his gift, a small antique pewter key. Christian accepted the key and turned and looked at me, looking into my soul with kind but intently piercing eyes. I touched myself as I realized what the key was for and that no one else knew."

"Wow" was all I could say as I squeezed her hand for more. "The music began again and there was merriment. I didn't speak with Alex or Christian but I hung out with some more of the other guests, a couple who seemed interested in a 21 year old debutante. Ms Garvey tapped me lightly on the shoulder and motioned to me that the evening was over for me. It was time for the men to hang and talk their man talk. Ms Garvey led me back to my room and as normal, helped me off with my dress. If she saw my new leather belt she said nothing. She helped me with this amazing French lingerie, white piping and dark burgundy silk. She gave me a kiss on my forehead as she left me, not bothering to take off my silver stiletto strappy heels."

Fenny motioned for the boy to come over for water. After she had a sip, she continued, "I was still a little tipsy from the port wine and playing with the embroidery when there was someone at the door. It was Christian and he was holding the key Alex had given him earlier. "Hi" I said shyly as I was feeling some discomfort around the cage. "I..." but he had put his hand over my mouth. "You are mine, as I've always wanted." He looked at me with such desire I felt faint and I could see him stiff beneath his formal pants. I flinched involuntarily and he was quick to react, removing his scarf and blindfold me and fastened my hands behind me with some sort of cord. I was panting, not knowing what was going to happen. He forced my legs apart firmly and I could feel my lingerie stretched to its limit. I let out a gasp as my legs were pinned and I could hear a click, the sound of a cage being unlocked. Then what happened... Is private..."

My eyes were closed at this point and I opened them when Fenny paused. She looked at me with mischievous eyes. She suddenly sprang to life and ran off into the maze of the english garden. "Whaaaaaa" I yelled and took chase, both of us laughing. The boy chased us but quickly fell behind. Fenny was fast but I was faster and it was just a matter of time before I caught up and half hugged, half tackled her into a soft grassy knoll. We held our laughter to avoid the boy finding us, but that just made us laugh harder. My stomach muscles ached. Finally I laid back, closing my eyes and enjoying the sun, resting on her shoulder.

When I opened my eyes, Fenny was looked at me thoughtfully with a half smile. I looked at her quizzically, what was she thinking? I didn't want to play tricks on the boy, that seemed mean. I started to say something but my words were suddenly gone. Fenny had reached over and in the most gentle way, touched my cheek. "You talk too much" she said playfully as she kissed me softly on the forehead. I started to laugh again, this was awkward. I wasn't interested in other gurls at all, except as companions. Confidentes. She rolled to me and brushed some errant hairs away from my face. I wanted to say something. This time she kissed me ever so softly on the mouth.

But instead, she reached over and touched my cheek instead. In a way that was so gentle I almost gasped. "You shouldn't talk so much" she said playfully and then kissed me on the mouth. I started to laugh again, this was awkward. I wasn't interested in other gurls at all, except as companions. Confidentes. She rolled to me and brushed some errant hairs away from my face. I wanted to say something.

"Quiet Lana. You need to be trained and open in all ways... all."

She leaned over and kissed me again, this time slower. Her pale delicate lips tasted like honey. Or something. I wanted to go find the boy for some water. She shifted her weight so that her body was leaning on mine with a ballet thigh draped ever so softly on my dress. She looked at me lovingly and I saw her beauty, really saw, for the first time. She licked my lips softly and worked her tongue in for a soft kiss and then retreated, smiling at me kindly.

Without taking her eyes off me, she reached down and undid the straps on her right gladiator sandals and slipped her arched foot through the straps. Then very gently started to run her hosiery covered foot up my leg.

"I'm not interested in... " I offered weakly but my words got lost in throat as she looked at me playfully. I didn't get it. "Well i'm not either really. Really, really." She took off my left bootie and ran her finger up and back down the length of my body. The cool morning air made the sweat on my foot cold but she quickly warmed them, rubbing then with her soft fingers and blowing on them. " The art and desire for pleasure is not restrictive" she said and I understood just a little. I had had a number of girlfriends like myself but we had never... never what? I was forgetting. I laid back and relaxed, it felt good to have her hands caressing my foot. I really liked Fenny, it was so hard to have that kind of girl conversation in my secret world. We looked at each other lovingly as she gently stroked the back of my calves up to the back of my knee. I stopped thinking about where the boy had gone off to.

To be honest I wasn't that aroused until she stopped massaging and held my foot with both hands firmly and closed her eyes. In one fluid motion, she took my foot in her mouth. I gasped as the warm moistness of her mouth enveloped first my toes and then half my foot.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with a look of faraway desire as she reluctantly withdrew her lips. My damp hosiery highlighted the color of my toenails clearly. She lightly kissed my big toe and then again slowly inserted her mouth. This time she used her tongue to caress my toes. Lightly inserting them her tongue against my hosiery and into the gaps between my toes. I groaned and my head went back. In just that moment she had taken a kinship between two sisters into something deeply erotic without losing our sisterhood connection. This went on for several insertions and removals and I was in rapture.

She let my foot slip from her fingers and she giggled. She turned so we were both looking up at the sky together. I sighed for no reason and she turned to me with fake seriousness. "I think you are beautiful but lack confidence." Her right index finger traced it's way from my forehead, gently brushing to close my eyes, down to my nose, then paused at my lips where her finger did a little dance and continued downward. At the same time I could sense her toe on my toe, then working it's way upward. I could hear the rustling of my dress as it yielded to her explorations. I had long given up trying to concentrate and just enjoyed my senses responding to her - the feel of her touch, the sound of clothes rustling, the sight of her soft pale skin, the smell of her lavender fragrance with a hint of perspiration. As if on cue, her taste. My eyes were still closed but I could feel her breath, her lips close to mine.

Her first kiss was like the gentlest of touches, almost just the breeze of a kiss. Then gone and nothing and then when from nowhere, back again. I reached around her but she batted my hand away "No" so I stopped trying. To make sure, she pinned me, her hands down on mine. Her body contacted mine here and there as she continued to kiss me first on the lips, then my cheek, then neck, then shoulder blade, then armpit, then bra, where her tongue worked its way around the edge and found the top and then her teeth moving my bra and then my nipple, first left nipple then right. She moaned so softly it was as if it were in another world. I longed to return her loveliness, but she would not have it. Finally I accepted and could feel the energy change. As I relaxed she became more turned on and her moans grew a tiny bit louder as she bit her lip. I could feel her skin had become moist with pleasure and her breathing became more labored as she rubbed up against me. In her pleasure was pain and I remembered her cage and wondered why she would do that to herself. My clit had become quite hard. And after yesterday's unrequited finish with Hank the day before yearned and grew.



I wasn't large and I could see that my growth, seen through layers of sheer cloth had made her wet. She was in control and her sexual instincts knew that the lighter the touch, the more turned on I became. The sight of our bodies moving together and us both moaning in girly way just made me wild. She had spread my legs out and was grinding and kissing my body parts, we were both perspiring, which released some musky lavender smell that was intoxicating. Parts of my body that I thought not erogenous for me were activated by her tongue, Nipples, fingers, ear, armpit, thes space between my toes. She would travel organically from one place to another with the lightest of movement. I had had several sissy gasms already.

She began licking my loins like a cat working her way around my legs and ass. My shaved clit was precumming steadily into my panties. She moved the wet pantiss aside and slipped my clit into her mouth and it disappeared just like that. Her rhythm, the warm wetness of her mouth, her luscious body and caged clit, the lighter then air clothing and the warm summer air. She was only at it for a couple minutes, never going too fast before I exploded into her mouth. Over and over I couldn't stop. I was on planet trans-euphoric.

My body came to rest back on the grass gradually. She still had my clit in my mouth and her eyes still closed in pleasurable embrace as she lowered with me. My cum had formed at the edges of her pink lips and with the sight of that I spurted a couple more times and she took in each with welcome and love. My hands let go of the grass behind me and I covered my face, I was spent. I could hear her swallow and for some reason that made me I spurt one more time, this time on her face and over my clit. She licked my small member first on the head and gently down the bottom of the shaft where she finally planted a kiss and rocked back like a whisper. She looked at me from down there and we smiled at each other.