People really need to stop making posts about Anthony just so he will comment. I mean seriously, he probably won't. Amirite?
@andylovesmcfc Excuse me, but isn't this a post about Anthony, just so he will comment?

No it's not, because I really don't care if he comments, I'm just hoping this will get to the Home Page so people will realize that he probably won't comment on their idiotic posts that have Anthony's name in them. And you are excused.

Hey, did anyone realize that you don't have a certain amount of votes for the homepage anymore? Amirite?

Wow, I lied, but I'm glad so many people agree.

I should go die in a hole, amirite?

Everyone deserves a chance to live. Whoever voted Yeah, You Are on this is really selfish and mean.

the best thing your mom makes for dinner is a reservation, amirite?

Why is everyone so mean to their moms on here? You know, they did, kinda, give birth to you.

a guy could make a girl's day 100% better just by texting her "hey beautiful" ,amirite?

I wish the guy I liked would do that to me...

Why don't I just explain the whole movie for you?

The person you like, likes another person, amirite?

I don't know who he likes, but I don't think it's me :(

Chewy cookies are WAY better than crispy ones, amirite?
To the people who post things about the following: Twilight, Harry Potter, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Yahoo vs Google, Pokemon, getting your post deleted, saying "no offense", If I'm wrong? amirite?, abortion, gay rights, guy/girl ratio, people copying Facebook groups- Guess what? We get it. That's what the "Yeah You Are" and "No Way" are for, so that you don't keep reposting the same crap. am... amirite?
Everyday when you're walking down the street, and everybody that you meet. Has an original point of view. amirite?

And get along with each other!

pssshhh i have one already

Why do people call it "GOOD friday" when he DIED? amirite?
The day that I dread the most is when I need to act out brushing my teeth in a game of charades, amirite?
No matter what they say on TV, warm milk before bed is disgusting, amirite?
@i hate warm milk but i love warm chocolate milk

(3.14): I'm pretty sure that's called hot chocolate.

You hate it when people try to offend you by cussing. It's not offensive, it's just annoying. Amirite?