Please don't just say, "nm" when I ask you what's up, I'm trying to start a conversation here, and sometimes I might actually want to know what you're doing, amirite?
@That sounds pretty stalker.

Or not, if you're planning on hanging out with that person that day, but need to know if they have plans first, thus saying, "What's up".

If you own a calender, your days are numbered. amirite?
Leftover pizza just never tastes as good as fresh pizza, amirite?

I personally like cold pizza better than hot pizza.

It ruins the fun when someone says, "Do you swear to God?" when you're lying, amirite?

OinkMooRawr just has to disagree to everything.

I saw the post about trying to keep the score at 0, and I thought it looked cool. So here's a challenge, let's see how long we can go without anyone clicking "no way" on this post. If you click it, you ruin it for everyone. Amirite?

I figured lol. This is actually really hilarious.

There needs to be an option to say amidamrite, amirite?

That would be unnecessary.

People really need to stop making posts about Anthony just so he will comment. I mean seriously, he probably won't. Amirite?
@Keith_Stone Sounds like someone got rejected and is filtering some of that pent up rage.

Nope, go ahead and look through my posts, none say anything about Anthony until now. I'm just trying to make a point that it really isn't cool to make a post about him just so he will try and comment, because he has replied to one of my comments on Facebook, and it really wasn't that cool. I'm tired of seeing posts about him with -200 or whatever, and I check the comments and he hasn't even commented on it.

Ever notice how all of the other websites like FML, TFLN, MLIA, etc., all have an abbreviation? Well, amirite doesn't, because we understand big words, and we are beast, amirite?
They really shouldn't sell clothes at a store that also sells food, amirite?
@J_TT_S Yeah, in the UK

Ohhhhhhh I don't live in the UK lol.

Everyone how has looked up 'blue waffle' on google, regrets it, amirite?

What is it a picture of? My parents blocked it lol

What the HELL does a giant bunny walking around laying colorful eggs and hiding them for people to find have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, amirite?
@Hell isn't a curse word. If that's the case than all Christians do is curse when they're at church talking about...

Not when you say it like that. When you're talking about the place, fine. It would've been better to just say "Why does a giant bunny..." instead.

Isn't it weird how a lot of poor people, who live in trailors, and have barely enough money to buy clothes, have flat screen TVs, amirite?
The coolest mustaches are the curly French ones, amirite?

This made me smile :)

You know a horrible name? Gertrude. That's a horrible name. amirite?
@cheer4mia suckish*

You have a BEAUTIFUL name :)

You know a horrible name? Gertrude. That's a horrible name. amirite?

I was hoping someone would comment and say, "MY NAME IS GERTRUDE!".