Cubed ice is better than crushed ice, amirite?
@Crushed melts faster so then your drink is filled with half water, Bleh!

(Miss CC hannon): Yeah I know. Maybe thats why McDonalds always uses crushed...

Paris in the the spring, read that again, is there anything wrong with it? amirite?

I re-read it like 5 times and I didn't realize that until I read the comments. I thought it had something to do with how there can't be Spring in Paris, but then I didn't know why.

Its raelly anoying when poeple maek tonss of typingn mistaks lik this adn dont bothre to proofreed, amirite?

I read the "raelly" and I thought, "Jeez, how stupid do you get?" Lol

If you go to, type in "Limewire lol" and click "I'm feeling lucky", Something cool will come up, amirite?

Can someone tell me what happens in case it messes up my computer or something pleeease?

When Justin Bieber dies, there will be One Less Lonely Girl, amirite?
@i don't get it...

He wrote a song called One Less Lonely Girl, so when he dies, since everyone refers to him as a girl, and he's lonely, he's gonna be One Less Lonely Girl.

Crushed ice is better than cubed, amirite?

Hey, this is like mine! Except the opposite...I think cubed is better because crushed melts faster and makes your drink watery. Also, crushed gets all over the place when you try to get it in your drink from the dispenser on the fridge. But that's just my opinion. Way to be a rebel :)

It's really annoying when the person in front of you in the theater is texting the whole time, amirite?
@rice_is_my_hero Really? I searched for it and it didn't find anything

Well most of the time people don't post the thing you're about to post word for word. when typed or written, a seemingly harmless email browser. When said aloud, a tragic homophone twists it into sounding like a porn site. Amirite?

OMG I never thought of it that way!! Thanks a lot lol

when you were little you would love reading the joke on the popsicle stick. amirite?
It's really annoying when your eyes water for no reason, amirite?

I posted something like this one time, but people commented and said I was emo.

They really shouldn't sell clothes at a store that also sells food, amirite?
tv sets should have a remote locator button, that causes the remote to beep. amirite?

We would lose that too.

You're not wataching American Idol right now, amirite?
Even though I love you so much, you're so stupid. Completely oblivious to the fact that right in front of you is a girl, who dreams about you every night, who would treat you like a king, who would never stop loving you, and yet you go after those other girls. And you wonder why your love life sucks. amirite?

My new Facebook status.

Sometimes, tears just randomly form in your eyes, and you don't know why, amirite?

No, as in like you aren't sad, they just are all of a sudden there.