About me.

I can be a pretty complex person. My life is full of ups and downs, like everyone else. But, my past is a lot different than most I know. It does affect my views, but I will make them known. I am honest and blunt, I will say what I want in life, and not settle for lies. I know what I want! (: I get through life with a smile on my face, and a attitude that shows what I'm feeling clearly. I love to draw, and I love art! Take me to a history museum or art museum, and I could spend hours there. I love to hang out with friends, I am incredibly social, and love getting out of the house. If I'm not with friends, or just spending time with my family, I am out running a few miles, or swimming. Ask me whatever you like, and I will respond with blunt honesty. I love the city, but wouldn't mind someday having a cabin by the water, where you can see the sunset! Music is my vice, and I like so many others, love it. =) I am my own person, and I am learning plenty along the way. Get to know me, and I may surprise you. It's nice having a place to say what I think, not get bashed on it, and to know what others think!