Girls pee sitting down because they're lazy, amirite?
@Guys piss on the seat cause they're lazy

We piss on the seat to wean women from sitting while they piss.

Guys who say, "Women belong in the kitchen," are single. Amirite?

Girls who can't take a joke are also single.

Guys: You wouldn't mind if your girlfriend decided to bring another girl to bed once in awhile, amirite?

I'm too busy being gay to want two girls in my bed, thanks.

When November hits, all the teenage girls start looking the same. Hollister sweatshirts. skinny jeans. Uggs. amirite?

I love how people start commenting about how they don't at Hollister, don't wear Uggs, etc.
No one really cares what the fuck you wear in place of what the post says. Not wearing those brands certainly does not make you better than people who do.

Let's just pretend Mean Girls 2 never happened, amirite?

It sucked because Tina Fey didn't write the screenplay.

You wonder how the Obamas feel about not getting invited to the royal wedding, amirite?

I think maybe the royal family wasn't quite over the American Revolution...

"if you win a laptop a child in Africa wins a laptop too!" ya Fruit by the Foot because children in Africa really need laptops, amirite?
It's ridiculously annoying that the word amirite appears at the end of every post. amirite?

This POTD is almost better than the POTD about the time macne and the futer. Almost...

When Hermione's true love left her, she continued on to help Harry defeat the most powerful wizard of all time. When Bella's true love left her, she curled up in the fetal position for four months, cried, and jumped off a cliff. amirite?

I hate how people try to rationalize the decisions made by fictional characters.

You were a hipster before being a hipster was cool, amirite?

Being a hipster is about as cool as having an STD.

People with no friends: Sometimes you see people on facebook complaining about how they're stuck home on a Friday night and you think "Wow, your life must really suck; God forbid you stay home one friday. I'm stuck home every friday night.", amirite?

I have a Tumblr, I don't need friends anyway..

You hate it when you tell your your parents that they get on your nerves, and they say your too young to have any, so you have the urge to reply "NIGGA WHAT I GOT THEN?!", amirite?
I see there’s a lot of people asking if Kate Middleton will be the new Queen. I say there’s no chance. Queen had a string of huge hits in the 70’s and 80’s and Kate has very little experience in the music industry. amirite?
@kylermcgee Only my fellow tumblr's would understand...

You mean 'only my fellow faggot hipsters would understand', right?

People use "LOL" way out of terms these days. I mean it's like "Hey, what's up? Lol" "nothin much lol" "hahah lol" It's not that halarious! amirite?
You have at least one weird habit, amirite?

Crying in front of my laptop.