I wonder if the police changed their extension for calling the police from [I don't know] to 911 because of the incident happened on 9/11, amirite?

It is 911 because long ago, we had phones where you turned a dial to dial a number, and 9 was the furthest to reach to make sure you weren't bullshitting the police, and the 1 1 are the quickest and fastest numbers to hit.

"what came first, the chicken or the egg?" is a really stupid question because god created the animals (and chickens) and if there was just an egg, it wouldnt hatch because it wasnt fertilized by a living male chicken. If the egg came first we would not have chickens, am I right?

God created microorganisms, which eventually led to bigger animals, which mutated and then the chicken EGG was formed.

It's an unwritten law that nobody can hurt you when you are actually using the bathroom. Even film makers know this. Think about it, you've never seen it happen, amirite?

Jurassic Park.

The Bible: Pics or it didn't happen, amirite?
World Cup Soccer is the best summer sport. amirite?

Only Americans care about baseball. 6 billion to 300 million. Sucks, baseball lost

The Bible: Pics or it didn't happen, amirite?
@scrantoncity Let me tell you something; yes, that is a valid argument. Only for adaptation or 'micro-evolution.' Not for macro...

Same thing dumbass. You gain an adaptation, when all the inferior species die, then the adaptation becomes to new species. Are you saying that snakes and fish are the same species. Jesus, go back to school.

It's stupid that the longest war in US history is being fought because George W. Bush is a total dumb ass, not because America is in danger, amirite?

The longest actual war was WWII. 6 years. Vietnam, and Iraq are both 100 day limited military involvement which no one really gives a fucking shit about the 100 days about.

It's stupid that the longest war in US history is being fought because George W. Bush is a total dumb ass, not because America is in danger, amirite?
@I think you're all forgetting that it wasn't just Bush's decision to move troops to Iraq. He was backed up and even...

(Proud American): He went into Iraq against congress's orders. Only congress can declare war, the President can have a 100 day police action. That is what he did. But he said, "fuck it" to the 100 day thing.

Whenever someone makes a dumb blonde joke I just smile to myself because Im the one thats taking trigonometry as a highschool freshman and they're the one who will undoubtedly be working the drive-thru. amirite?

Trigonometry is a class that all freshman, at my school anyway, take, but it is tied in with Geometry, so the class is called Honors Geometry, so taking trig as a freshman isn't very smart, considering its an easy class. Oh boy, I bet you are memorizing a bunch of formulas for trig, so hard.

Being a pregnant teenager doesn't make you a slut or a whore, it makes you a brave girl, who decided that your baby was worth the pain, ridicule, and suffering you have to go through to have him/her, Amirite?
@singactlove1234 i think that getting an abortion is cowardly and basically saying "my baby isn't worth it"

Or it's saying, "I can't handle a child right now, financially and spiritually it is wrong for me to bring it into this world."

Why don't we use the prisoners who are sent to jail for life for something productive and that saves lives. They are only using the state money to be kept in jail for a horrible crime they committed. They should use them for people who need organ transplants. Get past all your righteous shit and realize that they used their god given life to take another, they don't deserve prison amirite?
Americans call it the bathroom, and Canadians call it the washroom, but half the time there is no tub. Shouldn't it be called the toiletroom? amirite?
Strippers in Canada make more money, because the smallest bill we have is a five. And its not like you're going to chuck loonies at her, amirite?
@mariaahx they would. but the post is more about canadian vs. american strippers.

Never said anything about American strippers as comparisons, thought it was the entire world.

If the plural of cactus is cacti, wouldn't it make sense for the plural of penis to be peni? amirite?

No, because Cactus if from Latin, and the plural masculine form of a nominative noun is -i. And Penis doesn't end in -us, so it isn't a Latin root, so the plural wouldn't be Latin.

If hydrogen and oxygen both burn and water is made of both, then water should burn too, amirite?
@NinjaPenguin Sorry we're not a chemistry majors.

Sorry you didn't go through 9th and 10th grade highschool.