You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

Im a douchebag but I don't flip my collar up.

Drummers: The Bassist sees you as a timer, the singer doesn't see you, the guitarist sees you as an monkey with drumsticks, your parents think you are a cocaine snorting party animal, and you see yourself as the Albert Einstein of the band, amirite?

That was a horrible comparison...

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Honestly, I just don't think amirite is the site for it. I'm sure plenty of people would disagree, and I'm probably not the target demographic, but to me it seems like a way for people to showcase bad drawing abilities, since any actual art would be better displayed elsewhere.

You aren't the way your 2nd grade self imagined and hoped you would be at your current age, amirite?
To [verb] the [animal] - Congratulations, you've just created a metaphor about masturbating! amirite?

To kill a mockingbird

We've all had those moments when an extremely attractive person says "hi" to you and you're all just like, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" amirite?

That's when I start looking around for the person they're actually talking to.

Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!
@I really don't get it

HAHAHAHA!!!! Well, you had to be there.....

You weigh less than 200lbs. amirite?
Don't you wish you were blonde, so you would have an excuse for sometimes being stupid. amirite?
Today on Yahoo I saw an article that back in 1795, the national debt was $75 million dollars. Now it increases by this amount every hour... something seriously needs to be done, amirite?
We were born in the most eventful century in history, amirite?

Of course, Demi Lovato went blonde!

You would win American Idol if they let you bring a shower on stage, amirite?

I don't think the shower is the key. I think it's definitely the being naked

Since there are snow days, there should be something like beautiful days. When it is just too nice outside to be inside for 7 hours, amirite?

I don't think that would work out the way you think it would...